The fashion industry may not be the first thing that everyone thinks of when talking about Web 3.0, but it should be discussed in this context nonetheless. After all, this industry is getting ready to fully transition into what experts are calling ‘Fashion 4.0’, a new era wherein everyone involved will be living in a truly digitized manner.

With that in mind, OVER has announced the TINUS Affiliate Program, a new initiative being presented by the AR platform which aims to bring value to both designers as well as customers in this burgeoning space.

Understanding the program

In terms of what the TINUS Affiliate Program is, it essentially involves the utilization of the Ethereum blockchain and the innovative usage of groundbreaking new technologies such as NFTs and the metaverse. Customers can use this project’s dynamic and original functionalities to try on digital clothes prior to actually buying them as NFTs to illustrate their particular online avatars’ unique personalities.

By doing so, users can buy and digitally wear the various creations crafted by reputable 3D design houses as well as artists. Moreover, there are no restrictions on what a user can wear, and there will never be any exclusionary practices either. Buyers can therefore try out and wear whatever they want before making the final purchase through the OVER marketplace. There is also no dress code as this will further enhance the overall experience and make it more memorable, according to the OVER team.

What is the ultimate objective here?

Put simply, OVER realizes that new technologies such as NFTs and the metaverse are here to stay, so it only makes sense for the AR platform to help facilitate this digital transition. Apart from becoming a point of reference for the dissemination of 3D creations by designers and fashion brands, OVER shall also be dedicating a section of the aforementioned OVER marketplace to the buying of the clothes. To that end, a section will be made available.

As a result, the OVER community’s online footprint and influence can be improved while the team simultaneously receives important feedback from users through the OVER Metaverse, which will enable them to make vital improvements over time. Ultimately, OVER is actively pursuing the goal of becoming a cutting-edge and dependable virtual environment in which art can be experienced in a new and interesting way. In such a digital environment, everyone would be welcome regardless of dress code, color, or other material constraints.Check out OVER’s official website and the Telegram, Discord and Twitter channels for additional information.

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