We saw in a globalized world, with infinite difficulties and conflicts.
Problems of the complicated solution, disputes between countries, wars,
terrorist attacks, environmental disasters, uncontrolled release of
money, and many more that concern us. And we think about the number of
solutions or ideals of life for all humanity. And this is where the OZOTOP
Project comes with its proposal and will revolutionize the society model,
providing a community free of negativity and scammers.

The great challenge

OZOTOP will offer humanity to move towards self-awareness, complete
decentralization and self-regulation. The OZOTOP ecosystem is developed in a
robotic model of a decentralized society based on the
blockchain TON (Telegram Open Network “Telegram Open
Network”) that Telegram will launch in 2019. It will be a community of
experts regulated by bots (scripts, robots, algorithms ) with its robotic
economy and will be compatible with smart contracts, bots and algorithms.

How exactly does it work

From the launch that Telegram will make, mentioned above, the project
robots will be transferred from external servers to the TON blockchain and the
interaction in this society will be carried out through the use of smart
contracts and cryptocurrencies. Society itself will move towards total decentralization
and self-government.

The members of this society will interact with
the help of robots and make payments between them with the OZO token.

A robot administrator will be assigned to each expert, which are
programmed to generate positive and efficient results.

Some robots will ask for the necessary information to get the service
quickly. Others will calculate the cost and send a payment invoice. Some will
make your payment method convenient for the expert to whom you have applied. Another robot will act as a guarantor of a secure transaction for
all parties.

Robots also fulfil many other functions in this safer
society, and they will increase, as functionalities require. This will also
mean a growth in the number of experts and everyday users.

In this society, people will fulfil the functions that require
non-standard solutions, intuition, creativity and professionalism. However,
routine work will be automated, and robots will be involved. This will provide
people with free time that they can devote to their self-development and
the improvement of society.

The interfaces (a user component) of the
robots, to serve our society, will be integrated into Telegram, which has the
function of implementing its development in the messenger.

The OZOTOP project will allow you to access this society and use all
its opportunities and functions, using your smartphone, Telegram and OZOTOP.

It will be a self-regulated expert society based on Telegram Open
Network and backed by robots and bots.
Instead of laws, the interaction in this type of society will be
regulated by robots, algorithms and scripts.

It will be a society free from fraud and negativism (all will interact
through the custody service). It will be a highly efficient and productive
model of society.

OZOTOP – a reality at your fingertips

OZOTOP is the token, based on Waves blockchain technology, with a final
destination to migrate to the TON blockchain (Telegram Open Network «Telegram Open
Network»). It will be the group of smart assets listed on
Waves DEX and connected in a single OZOTOP project token.

OZOTOP will start with Waves blockchain and Waves DEX because
it is the most efficient way to protect investors and raise funds for project
development. They will be smart asset scripts that will be connected in an
OZOTOP project token with the following functions:

Automatic listing of the OZOTOP project token in Waves DEX It will be
as an IEO presale, at the same time, for 1% tokens with a fixed price 0.000003
BTC. OZOTOP tokens are available to buy in the OZOTOP / Bitcoin pair at
Waves DEX. With bank cards or any available in Waves DEX, another deposit

Early fundraising and investor protection Smart asset scripts will
include an automatic fixed price increase from 0.000003 BTC in presale in Waves
DEX to 0.00003 BTC in STO (KYC / AML). The exchange of OZOTOP tokens in the TOP exchanges will be available after the end of the STO stage. You can
audit the smart asset scripting code of OZOTOP tokens on Github.

Why should the OZO token be purchased? One of the smart asset scripts
of the OZOTOP (smart contract) project will help us freeze 51% of the OZO
tokens for three years. 17% of tokens may circulate for 4th, 5th and 6th years.

All OZO token development smart contracts are connected The main smart
asset script will collect all the previous conditions of smart asset scripts in an OZOTOP project token

OZO Advantages

The token provides mobility!

There are 3 stages of project tokens:

1. Utility OZOTOP tokens based on Waves DEX for Pre-Sale fundraising to
create MVP and STO organizing

2. Exchanging utility OZOTOP tokens to security OZO tokens during STO stage preparing

3. Creating TON-based OZO tokens

Effect of social closeness (Telegram is a messenger after all)!

The most community-oriented and self-sufficient blockchain (TON) instant payments within society through the use of OZO tokens

These tokens will quickly become the Gram cryptocurrency. These are useful files for the community.
The more useful it is for this ecosystem, and in this society, more
people will transfer OZO.

Each expert will have their proficiency rating. As soon as customers
get their service/product, they will leave their comments
and brands.

Once during the accounting period, for example, for three months, 5% of
all company experts with the lowest qualifications for their services will be prohibited
from providing services in this company.

Other experts may work in their place. All newcomers will participate in the
random draw made by the robot.

Three negative comments will cause the
expert to cease his services in society. It can be replaced by someone else.

All members of society will consider situations of dispute
(arbitration). They will vote for the match they deem correct. In turn, the
parties may prove that they are right in presenting evidence or using
other means of defence.


This may be the opportunity to create a self-regulated society, which,
with the help of Blockchain technology, can be a reality.

In turn, the OZOTOP project token has the potential to become an
alternative form of money in a more decent and efficient

This is the most creative offer we can imagine today, where the feeling
of social proximity and security of social interactions will provide an opportunity for
society to be self-conscious and self-regulating, with the desire to increase
and well-being in the collective consciousness.

It is time to invest and bet on a society that with the OZOTOP Project
can be a reality.


• Concept creation – February 2019 √
• Market research: March 2019 √
• Team Building – April 2019 √
• Access to the TON blockchain test network – May 2019 √ • Start of the
TON Blockchain investigation – May 2019 √
• Pre-sale preparation: June-July 2019
• Global approval of the relevance of the project concept by TOP
Blockchain Advisors and Analysts. Project team scaling – July 2019
• Presale at the Waves DEX – August-September 2019
• Start of MVP creation. STO Preparation – August 2019
• Development of OZOTOP projects based on TON – September 2019                                               
 • Security tokens offer – October 2019
• The OZO currency quickly converts to GRAM currency –  November-December 2019.

* The OZOTOP project continues to develop – January 2020+

Legal aspects of the OZO token

– Investing funds in OZO tokens is not an investment
in the presale stage
– Crypto enthusiasts, from countries where interactions with
cryptocurrencies are not prohibited, are welcome to the presale stage
– The token buyer can use them within the OZOTOP project. The main
objective of the tokens is to exchange with expert services within the OZOTOP
– Project members have no guarantee of profit.
– The OZO token is designed to be used as a security token. It is a
tool to authorize access to the OZOTOP software platform.
– There are no restrictions to sell or transfer tokens after the STO
stage. – An offer will be the basis for transactions with tokens.
– No dividends or interest are granted to token owners in presale.

Official Links


Here you can buy OZOTOP project tokens (OZOTOP/BTC pair):

Post source: How Blockchain, Telegram / TON / TVM technology and the OZOTOP project will revolutionize today’s society

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