“Winners don’t do different things; they do things differently”

That’s how intelligent investors thrive in this new economic age. And, surprisingly, the recipe for success remains the same, even when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Additionally, in this context apart from investment acumen, being an early bird too plays a vital role in generating handsome corpus returns.

Say for example ICOs. Investors who show up early at the party (read the first day of launch), get to buy tokens not just at dirt cheap rates, but with discounts.

Now, the world of ICOs is about to undergo a significant makeover. Upcoming solutions backed by smart contracts will change the way pre-ICOs and ICOs take place.

Enter Confideal, with the platform’s ICO running from 2nd-22nd November 2017, it will leverage smart contracts powered by the Ethereum blockchain to solve inefficiencies plaguing modern contractual processes.

The Confideal ecosystem will help users with contract dispute resolution in case there is any. Using the internal token CDL and the Ethereum cryptocurrency Ether (ETH), users will be able to enter into fully verified contracts in a completely decentralized network.

To let users bypass the complex coding process involved in preparing smart contracts, they will be provided with customizable templates based on the most commonly used contracts within the Ethereum network. Some of them include; cryptocurrency mining equipment deals, real estate rentals, ICOs, freelancing, among others. The ICO contract being the most unique of them all.

Confideal will completely eliminate the need to rush in to invest first in any ICO. With a list ready for all the ICOs worth having a stake in, investors can put their money through smart contracts just in time, to be one among the first to enjoy early bird discounts. Setting the appropriate time is all they need to do, and the platform will take care of the rest.

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