Every year, new technologies improve people’s living standarts all over the world, simplifying and optimizing our usual processes. Blockchain stands apart from all technologies, allowing you to ensure the security and transparency of any datatype. How does technology change the state and business and is it possible to make money from it?

 «Transparent» state

The most common and popular option for using blokchain in present-day conditions, in addition to speculation in the cryptocurrency market, is accounting and safekeeping of large amounts of data, where state authorities are among the main customers. Numerous registries, databases, personal data of state institutions – all information needs logical structuring, high-quality recording and safe storage.

The state is trying to use these advantages of blockchain for its own purposes – archives, inventories and even the Pension Fund data actually need to be transferred to blockchain. However, existing solutions are still far from ideal, so the process is extremely slow.

Honest business

With regard to business, the transition to blockchain for market participants will mean an open, transparent economy where it is possible to track every transaction without worrying about reputation of partner company or service provider.

In economic terms, the blockchain’s opportunities open up the lack of intermediaries for transfers, a new banking system, secure p2p payments and full control over financial transactions for each of us.

While choosing a particular blockchain network for business, large business today will certainly face the problem of scaling in the form of a modest transaction speed in most of the most popular blockchain networks.

Smart cities

Blockchain promises to make life in cities more convenient in practical things all around the world. In the smart cities of the future, transparency and efficiency of public utilities, all types of communications and metropolitan systems: water, heating, gas supply and electricity supply will be ensured through technology.

Everyone will be able to monitor the quality of air, water, food, the quality of government agencies’ work, the level of safety and comfort in their city using their smartphones.

However, today smart cities lack an infrastructure project that could combine the multifunctionality of a huge number of services and the speed of interaction (client-platform, platform-platform).

Universa solution

Who can provide a reliable infrastructure for storing such amount of information? One of the major infrastructure projects of the year is Universa Blockchain. Universa is the unique blockchain platform for building business applications focused on solving problems in the real economy.

Towards the state, Universa can offer flexible models for implementing workflow solutions and automatic tax collection. One of the most striking examples in this direction is a joint project on the participation of Universa Kazakhstan in the implementation of smart contracts in the calculations of housing and public utilities in Kazakhstan.

Universa is the fastest blockchain for business, with a speed of more than 20.000 transactions per second and opportunities for further scaling. Universa greatly simplifies the process of making transactions in e-commerce using smart money. The protocol makes automated payments possible in any currencies and immediately processes all the necessary payment documents using smart contracts.

Universa for smart cities is a wide functionality of working with the platform and the introduction of ready-made cases. Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Monaco, Liechtenstein and Bahrain are just a small list of countries open for cooperation with Universa. One of the most interesting decisions in this context is the joint perspective project of Universa with the Government of BaoShan-Shanghai district on introducing the blockchain into the corporate sector.

Earn on the blockchain implementation

Absolutely unique options for obtaining benefits from the use of the blockchain appear in the global market. For example, you will be able to earn a lifetime income from each new commercial activity in the region by investing in the introduction of blockchain projects in a particular country. The first partnership license mechanism was launched by Universa Blockchain. The license of Universa World extends to a specific state and gives a lifelong right to receive 5-20% of the profits from all ongoing projects with the participation of Universa in the territory of a particular state. You can purchase a license for any country in the world, except for those in which Universa is already working. To calculate its cost and ask questions, please visit

The most interesting nuance is that not only the state, but also a private person can acquire a license. Given the demand for blockchain solutions in the public and private sectors around the world, everyone gets the potential to become a billionaire by evaluating the prospects of the most promising technology that is changing the world.

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