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Bull runs are back, and as the crypto market sees strong recovery with each passing month — new ones are likely to keep coming in the foreseeable future. With that in mind, there is a lot of profit to be made for those who know how to exploit the current situation. Particularly when it comes to exploiting the future that analysts are almost sure is about to arrive.

It is no secret that many had lost massive amounts of money due to the 2018 crypto winter when bears were roaming the crypto space, and prices were constantly in the red. Bitcoin itself dropped from $20,000 to $3,100 within a single year.

Now, however, BTC is back on track, climbing from $3,200 to its current $8,500. In fact, the largest coin is likely to keep going up, with occasional minor corrections. A similar situation was seen back in 2017, although there are quite a few differences this time. For example, most experienced investors do not trust altcoins and ICOs as much as they used to. These trends were proven to be way too risky, and the chances are that investors will risk losing much more than they might gain.

With that in mind, one of the biggest questions that traders are asking right now is whether or not it is possible to make major profits in the crypto market as it is right now?

Bitcoin Futures: The right way to go?

Many experts believe that the answer is yes and that major profits still await in the future. Particularly when it comes to Bitcoin futures trading. For those who might not know, Bitcoin futures trading is a derivative product, where traders agree to buy or sell BTC at a certain price and at a certain time in the future. It is also possible to add leverage, which might increase the profits multiple time if your predictions end up being correct.

The idea is quite simple — traders would invest small amounts of BTC as the margin to hold the Bitcoin futures contract. If you were to invest 1 BTC with a 100x leverage, the contract’s true value would be 100 BTC. Naturally, with greater leverage also come greater risks, and your chances to make a mistake increase.

Then, there is bidirectional trading, which is another advantage that comes with trading Bitcoin futures. Right now, it appears that the future of trading will be quite bullish. However, the market is also still quite unpredictable, with many twists and turns along the way. Bitcoin goes up and down quite a lot, and in the past two weeks alone, the coin was above $8,000, only to drop to $7,300, then climb to $7,900, proceed to $8.800, and right now, it has dropped to $8,500.

With behavior like that, it is important for traders to have the ability to buy long and sell short, which lets them adapt to the market in real time.

Bitcoin futures trading has grown to be quite popular as a result, and numerous platforms out there are adding Bitcoin futures contracts to meet demand. The risks are quite high, but so are the profits, and advanced traders appear to be quite optimistic regarding the future of crypto. Of course, the leverage can vary from one exchange to another, and some may provide 100x, while others only 10x.

Bexplus is one such platform, where traders can use 100x leverage, and not only for BTC but for any of the offered crypto products. The platform also offers additional benefits, such as the chance to win additional presents in “Lucky May,” a free BTC bonus for those who deposit BTC in their accounts, up to 50% invitation referral reward, and more.

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