If anybody has been looking for evidence that the hype surrounding Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) has already taken on manic traits: in total, more than 71,000 US dollars were invested in the “Useless Ethereum Token”. Here, the name is program, because the buyers have actually received a completely useless token. And: The makers have also communicated this from the beginning.

“You give money to somebody on the Internet, and the person takes it and buys things with it,” says the website, where the whole thing is called the first 100 percent honest ethereum ICO. This honesty seems to have paid off, although on the website several times before it is warned to put money into the worthless tokens.

Like this and want spend also some ETH ? Lets go: 0xa829E61Cc130b4f02fbfc9D7763361a550C7f824

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