When someone thinks about logistics, the first thing that comes to mind is DHL, UPS and, why not, Amazon or other major service providers involved in the global delivery system. More than 88% of the world’s packages are managed by a third party company. They take the package forwarding it through one of these large companies. All this to get a profit from the final customer.

When Uber started they asked themselves: “why should transport be so expensive for people?” and: “how can we make a profit for us and for the citizen?” so Uber was born.

Well, for LWF it’s the same. We have noticed that in many countries in the world retail products are very difficult to find on time and at a good price against Europe / US’s main market; this due to a lot of reasons: protectionism, fear to ship in some countries, control of the price around the world by the big companies and of course the poor logistics services in the growing-up countries.

LWF will let users have a decentralized, clear and profitable environment where to safely build the first P2P-logistic-network.

50% of our profit will be shared as dividends with our token-holders!

What about our services?

Four services will be the core of LWF
P2P-Freight Forwarding Services:
The first service in the world that allows anyone to receive or send parcels across the globe. The first practical model for secure, decentralized logistics.

P2P-Collecting Points:

A service where users can have their parcels delivered by forwarders, who will keep them safe and ready for delivery. The forwarder will agree a preferred delivery time.

Mobile APP: P2P Express Delivery:

With the LWF mobile app, you can request same-day parcel deliveries from your place to a nearby destination via our forwarders!

LWF-Internal Logistics Provider:

The fully equipped LWF logistics base is now ready to provide all services and guarantees uninterrupted service 365 days a year. New services will be introduced every year.


Pre-sale start:  23 October (35% bonus)
Pre-sale end: 06 November
ICO start: 10 November (20%-10%-5% bonus)
ICO end: 15 December
Token price: 1$/1LWF
Supply total: 30.000.000 LWF

(No minimum required for investing, unsold tokens will be burned.)

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LWF Website


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