No start-up might have taken on a greater challenge than the Adbank Network. The Canadian company hopes to fix a broken industry; advertising.

The plan at Adbank is simple; build a highly-transparent, open-sourced network on the Ethereum blockchain that will allow advertisers to deal directly with website publishers. The challenge is huge because an estimated 50% of all digital ad revenues are lost in the ad-buying ecosystem.

The ultimate goal at Adbank is to eliminate the middlemen that will take between 20% and 50% of the $223.47 billion projected to be spent on digital advertising worldwide in 2017. Along the way Adbank hopes to reduce advertising fraud, and the cost of advertising.

The amount of digital advertising fraud worldwide in 2017 was forecast at $16.4 billion by Adloox the Audit Verification Company. Disturbingly, the cost of digital-ad fraud is expected to increase from $12.48 billion in 2016 to $16.4 billion in 2017.

Ad fraud is growing at a high rate because of technologies like bots; algorithms that send traffic to websites. Some estimates indicate that up to 56% of all website traffic comes from bots or “ad bots.”

Building a Clean Ad-Buying Ecosystem

The real goal at Adbank is to build a new, clean and transparent ad-buying ecosystem from the ground up. To achieve that goal the AdBank team is harnessing a number of cutting-edge technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Ethereum.

The ultimate goal of the Adbank network is to create a seamless connection between advertisers and publishers. A potential benefit from that ecosystem will be a network that takes 0% profit from advertisers and publishers, Adbank’s Whitepaper indicates.

By building a new ecosystem from the ground up, Adbank will be able to build anti-fraud protocols into almost every step of the process. The basis of the fraud-fighting system will be an artificial intelligence designed to catch fraud by doing a deep and wide analysis of all advertising. If it works Adbank’s AI will learn how to spot and block the bots, and ensure real traffic reaches the ads.

Adbank has several patent-pending fraud-fighting solutions including AI-generated fraud reports. This will enable the creation of a web-browser plugin that is designed to block fraudulent ads. Adbank also plans to reward fraud fighters with payments of its Ethereum-based token ADB.

The ADB token will form the basis of an Ethereum-powered marketplace for digital advertising. Advertisers will use ADB to buy ads, and publishers will get paid with it. Since ADB is an ERC-20 Ethereum-based token it can be easily converted into Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency.

The artificial intelligence will be one of several layers of fraud-detection built into the Adbank Network. The other layers of fraud-detection are described in Adbank’s whitepaper. Adbank’s patents are also included on the website for those who want to take a closer look at its technology.

To add an extra layer of transparency and security, all transactions on Adbank will be made with the ADB token. The Initial Coin Offering (ICO), or token sale, of ADB is intended to finance the launch of the Adbank Network.

Fraud-Fighting Advertising Network about to Launch

Those who want to see what Adbank will look like can examine the Alpha Preview which went live in November 2017. The Adbank Network Ad Platform itself is scheduled to launch in March 2018.

To expand their reach, the Adbank team has an ambitious plan to start acquiring other advertising networks and adding them to its ecosystem in May 2018. If all goes as planned, Adbank will use $10 million raised through its ICO to fund those acquisitions.

Adbank plans to start partnering with other advertising networks to further expand its reach in May 2018. The long-term goal of the partnership and acquisition strategy is to push the ADB token into the top 100 ICOs, in token trade volume.

Advertising Veterans are building the Adbank Network

The Adbank team has an edge in the form of lots of experience in digital advertising, and marketing.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and co-founder Chiron Bramberger helped found an ad network that was sold to Google for $23 million, for example. Bramberger also created General Motors’ first fully-integrated vertical marketing software. Chiron’s previous marketing clients include Toyota, Google, NASA, the FBI, and Groupon.

CEO and Founder Jon Gillham co-founded a successful digital asset acquisition firm. Gillham is considered a master of scaling businesses. Gillham knows the business well because he owns over 6,000 advertising websites; and has built a portfolio of digital assets that generates over $100,000 a month in earnings. If that wasn’t enough, Gillham has a proven track record for building and selling six-figure businesses in the e-commerce space.

Cofounder and Chief Brand Officer (CBO) Kelsey Cole worked as head of Public Relations at Revlon Canada. She has also done brand work for L’Oréal, Garnier, Red Bull, Juicy Fruit, Tesla Motors, and TIFF.

Chief Community Officer (CCO) Leon Pereia is known as “The Godfather of Ripple” for founding the XRP Exchange; the world’s largest exchange for the Ripple cryptocurrency. He also developed a network of over 10,000 crypto-influencers.

Chief Marketing Officer and Cofounder Angelo Dodaro is a serial entrepreneur who owns and operates a successful six-figure digital advertising agency. He also writes several top 25 blogs on Social Media Examiner.

Adbank Token Sale Starts December 14

The construction of the Adbank Network will be financed through the sale of 510 million ADB tokens. The token sale is supposed to begin on December 14, 2018, and is scheduled to run through January 21, 2018.

The sale will end earlier if Adbank reaches its goal of selling 50,000 ETH worth of ADB tokens. Under the current plans, one ETH will be worth 7,500 ADB tokens. The price of the ADB token at the beginning of the sale will be .0002 Ethereum.

Persons that purchase ADB tokens during the first 24 hours of the sale will receive a 20% bonus in tokens. Those who buy ADB between December 15 and December 21 will receive a 15% bonus. The bonus will fall to 10% during the second week of the sale, and 5% during the third week of the sale. Tokens are scheduled to be transferred when the sale ends.

51% of the ADB tokens will be sold during the ICO, and the other 29% will be released after the sale. The rest of the tokens will be split among the Adbank Founding team, Early Advisors, and a bounty program. Adbank will use 40% of the funds raised in the sale to build and maintain the Adbank Network, 50% for acquisitions, and 10% for general administration.

For more information about the Adbank Network, the ADB Token Sale, and digital-advertising fraud and bots please visit the Adbank Network website at

More details about Adbank’s business plan and technology; including full details of patents pending, and digital advertising fraud can be found in the Whitepaper. The Whitepaper can be downloaded or read in PDF form at:

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