iEXEC vs Golem vs SONM

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Quite a few projects in a universe of cryptocurrency are focusing on haze computing and other forms of providing decentralized and distributed Internet-based solutions. Three of a categorical contenders in this courtesy are Golem, iEXEC, and a SONM project. All of these concepts have their possess advantages and disadvantages. Interestingly enough, they all hosted an ICO in new months as well.

3. iEXEC

Even yet a iEXEC ICO was comparatively successful, not too many people are articulate about a project. That is rather surprising, deliberation a plan has a lot to offer. Blockchain-based distributed cloud computing is a really intriguing business, nonetheless it might take some until it is entirely appreciated by a masses. iEXEC prides itself on ancillary distributed applications, that have turn all a some-more critical over a past few months.

It is also value mentioning iEXEC leverages investigate technologies active in a universe of Desktop Grid computing. Collecting underutilized mechanism resources from all over a universe will eventually outcome in a totally new internet. Over a march of a entrance years, iEXEC hopes to assistance classify decentralized infrastructures and marketplaces. Moreover, everybody in a universe can lease their computing resources to other people around a world.

2. Golem


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