Quite a few projects in the world of cryptocurrency are focusing on fog computing and other forms of providing decentralized and distributed Internet-based solutions. Three of the main contenders in this regard are Golem, iEXEC, and the SONM project. All of these concepts have their own advantages and disadvantages. Interestingly enough, they all hosted an ICO in recent months as well.

3. iEXEC

Even though the iEXEC ICO was relatively successful, not too many people are talking about the project. That is somewhat surprising, considering the project has a lot to offer. Blockchain-based distributed cloud computing is a very intriguing business, although it may take some until it is fully appreciated by the masses. iEXEC prides itself on supporting distributed applications, which have become all the more important over the past few months.

It is also worth mentioning iEXEC leverages research technologies active in the world of Desktop Grid computing. Collecting underutilized computer resources from all over the world will ultimately result in a completely new internet. Over the course of the coming years, iEXEC hopes to help organize decentralized infrastructures and marketplaces. Moreover, everyone in the world can rent their computing resources to other people around the world.

2. Golem

A lot of people have been paying attention to Golem, a project best-known for aiming to become a global decentralized supercomputer. Similar to iEXEC, Golem will use the unused computing power of Internet-connected devices all over the world. As a result, anyone can use as many resources as they need to complete computational tasks.

Over the course of many years to come, the Golem network will become a decentralized sharing economy of computing power. It is evident there will be a bit of competition going on in this space, with iExec following a somewhat similar path. Being able to rent out computing resources to the highest bidder is something to look forward to, though. Many people have powerful hardware at home, yet fail to utilize it to its full capacity.


The recently launched SONM project is quite interesting to keep an eye on. Just like iEXEC and Golem, SONM will try to create marketplaces where anyone in the world can buy, rent, and sell computing resources. This will be achieved regardless of the user’s location or hardware. In the long run, SONM aims to become the universal fog supercomputer, powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

According to the SONM team, their project will offer some features the other two don’t. This will include support for non-deterministic tasks, site hosting, game server support, and a round-robin-based load balancer. Not all of the features will be available right away, but it’s good to see different teams take slightly different approaches. It will be interesting to see which of these three concepts will eventually come out on top.

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