Internxt strives to create a new internet creating a decentralized cloud infrastructure that holds websites, files and apps in a more secure, private and efficient manner.

Right now, the internet is organized in a way that websites, files and apps on are being hosted usually on centralized servers owned by enterprises.

This brings a first issue to the table; privacy. Let’s face it. We all know how corporations make use of our personal data. Google is an information giant. It is in fact the biggest online advertising company. By decentralizing the cloud, however, your files will get split up into pieces, encrypted and spread into different servers, in a peer-to-peer basis. The internet would be owned by the people instead of corporations. People hosting these pieces of files would get paid by Internxt (with Internxt’s own cryptocurrency), and them nor Internxt would have access to these files (as these are encrypted and distributed).

With regards to security, the fact of having all whole files in one server makes it easier for hackers to gain access to those. If these files are decentralized, even if a hacker could bypass the security of one of the machines, he or she would only get an encrypted bit of a file. It’d basically be impossible to retrieve the whole file as the hacker wouldn’t know which servers to target for that task.

Internxt is solving these major flaws on the Internet by creating a completely decentralized cloud, that will on a first instance tackle websites, apps and files, that are currently centralized. They are also working on improving competitor decentralized technologies to make sure they have the best tech out of all their competitors in this early stage industry. However, their main goal is to bring this superior technology to everyday people. For this reason, Internxt is going to focus on building a seamless user experience and a competitive pricing structure, so that everyone irrespective of their knowledge can make a transition to this new technology.

Internxt was founded and is currently owned and managed by the young entrepreneur Fran Villalba Segarra. Fran had been working in the management of a big internet multinational. Additionally, he has created some smaller internet projects in the past, which he has sold. He is now dedicating all his funds, time and knowledge into Internxt, the biggest company he has ever started. There is also a whole team of developers working to make Internxt a reality. Internxt is expected to be launched in 2018.

We have read Internxt’s whitepaper and their technology looks incredibly promising. We believe it might indeed become a very significant technology in a near future, and their ICO will most likely be the ICO of the year (surpassing IPFS’ Filecoin ICO). Their ICO is being held on September 7th at 7PM GMT. It will end on September 28th at the same time, or earlier if the 50.000.000 tokens are sold before then. The exchange is 500 tokens per 1 ETH.

website: Internxt

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