Thank you for taking the time to speak to the Bitcoinist audience about online casinos, iGaming, and how cryptocurrencies have become a preferred deposit method bringing new growth to the industry.

Can you please start by telling us about your current role at Gambla.

My current role in Gambla is being the editor in Chief which means I am the publisher of the website. I am heading a small team of freelancers and website developers working on the site, along with our other websites like Zamsino and

Where did the initial concept for Gambla come from?

Gambla is an online casino guide made for a selected amount of GEO’s where online casinos are very popular. However, we wanted to give something back while helping people find new online casinos and that is to plant a tree for each time a player tries a new casino. In that way, entertainment and charity can merge.

Why was it important to provide guides directing users to reputable online casinos?

Simply because there are a lot of shady casinos out there and it’s very important that users get pointed in the direction of great and safe online casinos.

What are the hallmarks to look for in a reputable online iGaming provider?

Good local payment providers, like Interac in Canada for example, gives Canadian casino players a strong trust signal that they are operating there.

How do other users come into play with Gambla’s casino guides?

They find us in online advertising or in Google search results.

How have user preferences changed deposit and withdrawal methods over the years?

Before it was mostly credit and debit card deposits, now there are great options like I mentioned before, Interac, etc.

How has the emergence of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin impacted the iGaming space?

It has given the industry a whole new set of clientele in terms of crypto users. We are happy that this group is also involved now as there is plenty of technology needed from the crypto space to make the iGaming industry evolve further.

How do you see these technologies and communities further converging in the future?

Micropayments are one of the best things, where I think coins like Bitcoin SV that serve the original BTC protocol could benefit the industry a lot.

Why do you think users choose cryptocurrencies to fund their online casino and iGaming accounts?

Maybe they hold crypto or have most of their assets in crypto and it becomes natural to use them. Also, as a digital currency maybe it is the money that is in excess of what you need for a living which is actually the only form of money that you should gamble with.

Have cryptocurrencies helped improve affiliate marketing click-through rates? What about user retention? Are crypto users more likely to become return users?

In the crypto space and for crypto niché, affiliates CTRs are definitely going through the roof!

Gambla focuses on green initiatives by promoting online gaming over brick and mortar casinos of the past. Why the belief in a greener future?

Because the world suffers from deforestation and we want to do our part to contribute to what needs to be done to slow the damage.

Can you tell us more about Gambla’s charitable efforts?

What we do is give away 1 tree planted in the Amazon rainforest upon each new FTD (First depositing customer).

Do you see cryptocurrencies contributing to a greener future?

Yes absolutely as it channels industries into the digital world in turn putting less stress on the environment.

Is there anything else, in closing, you would like to say to the Bitcoinist audience about Gambla?

Thanks for having me and do gamble safely and set deposit limits if you ever play!

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