A platform where the IOTA community can list stores, events, restaurants and much more for free.

I always believed since day one that IOTA will be changing the world as we know it; and I am not talking about only in the area of iot and M2M, I’m talking about in almost everywhere we can think of. Perhaps there is one area that I don’t see a lot of improvements: the ability to know where I can go and have a beer and best of all; pay with IOTA.

I could be wrong, but there is currently a gap between people that want receive in IOTA, and people that want to pay in IOTA. In other words, how can we know where to go and use our IOTA? We are just not taking full advantage of IOTA on our day-to-day lives!

There are currently alternatives to The Tangle Bay, however, these alternatives lack an user friendly interface and an easy listing process.

There is a solution, perhaps?

When you think of Google, Yahoo, and other search engines, they all started with nothing more than just listing websites and places on their sites. The Tangle Bay will be focused only on IOTA and its community, so anything you see on our website (Stores, Events, Jobs, Merchandise, etc..), will be either accepting IOTA, or having a meetup about the tech. How to list you ask?

The Tangle Bay is user friendly and easy to use. The sign-up process can be done in as simple as two clicks.

Exploring places accepting IOTA is also very easy. The platform provides an easy way to search for places by entering location, categories, tags, reviews, popularity, price… well you get the idea. Take a look at the Explore page below:

Simple explore page with map

Our goal is to bring the IOTA community a little closer together by engaging its users and promote the use of IOTA as a form of payment. Including but not limited to include listings of all the upcoming IOTA Meetups, Job offers and stores using IOTA.

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