It is evident a lot of people want to make money from Bitcoin. However,  not everyone wants to buy cryptocurrency directly to achieve this goal. This is where the Bitcoin IRA comes into the picture, as it is a powerful tool. Bitcoin is an excellent way to diversify one’s Bitcoin, and it may even allow people to retire while doing so. Given Bitcoin’s price surge, the demand for services provided by BitcoinIRA will only continue to grow.

BitcoinIRA Is An Excellent Choice

The concept of the BitcoinIRA could not be simpler.  All it takes is users to fill out a form and make an investment. Assets can be pre-taxed or after-taxes. Although the future value of Bitcoin remains a big unknown for now, it makes for an attractive investment opportunity. The Bitcoin IRA is handled through a custodian at all times.

BitcoinIRA COO Chris Kline explained the service as follows:

“Countries are opening their doors to bitcoin. As are companies big and small. If Japan was buying apple stock at this rate, you’d be putting it in your IRA. Bitcoin should be no different.”

The platform also provides users with a returns calculator that can be quite handy. Assuming one invested US$2,500 in 2016 through BitcoinIRA, they would have earned a profit of US$9,806.12. This goes to show there is never a bad time to invest in Bitcoin through an IRA.  In fact, the total IRA value of 2016 and US$2,500 invested is US$12, 306.12. Quite a spectacular amount. It also highlights the potential to use a Bitcoin IRA as a way to prepare for retirement.

BitcoinIRA also provides users with an option to invest in Ethereum. The onboarding process to do is exactly the same as Bitcoin’s. Ethereum ha shad quite a stellar year throughout 2016, and it looks as if 2017 may become its breakthrough year. The company enabled Ethereum support in April of 2017, The growing demand for Ether and the technological aspects provided by the ecosystem wet the appetite of a lot of investors.

But What About Alternatives?

One could argue it is equally possible to invest in vehicles such as GBTC. That investment option is also directly linked to the Bitcoin value. That is certainly a valid option, assuming you are an experienced investor or financial investor. The average person on the street will not see GBTC as a primary option by any means. Moreover, GBTC also provides access to Ethereum Classic, which is not the same as Ethereum. This may confuse a lot of people who aren’t well-versed in the fine intricacies of cryptocurrency just yet.

Mainstream consumers looking to reap the rewards from Bitcoin’s price gains should take a look at BitcoinIRA. It is an excellent solution for people who want to earn money on the side without having to worry. Additionally, it is a great tool to build up a retirement fund. The Bitcoin price will – most likely – only go up further from here. BitcoinIRA is an accessible and affordable solution with a potential for high returns.

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