Mobility services have become very important to Bosch. The company wants to show this together with a concept for a shuttle at the next CES.

The automotive supplier Bosch is developing a concept for a shuttle that is to drive autonomously driven autonomously. It is part of a new field of activity for the company, namely mobility services. With these and the concept car, Bosch wants to present at the CES in Las Vegas in January 2019.

Mobility services include booking, sharing and networking platforms, parking and charging services, software for managing and maintaining vehicles, and infotainment while driving. Based on estimates by the consulting firm Roland Berger, Bosch estimates that around one million on-demand shuttle buses will be on the road in 2020, and about 2.5 million by 2025. “Many of these means of transport, which can be called up at any time, will be driven fully electrically and can be operated without a driver by the middle of the next decade at the latest,” writes Bosch.

Infotainment, Wi-Fi and concierge

The concept vehicle can accommodate four passengers sitting opposite each other. Infotainment takes over screens that either each passenger uses for himself or uses several passengers together. Smartphones can use the onboard WiFi. A concierge service is designed to provide passengers with recommendations, reservations, weather reports and travel advice. Arriving at the destination, passengers pay for their journey with Bosch’s ePayment service.

The shuttles should be booked by smartphone. An algorithm should recognize which vehicle can arrive at the desired location the fastest and which other users want to drive a similar route. Bosch is developing the necessary software for this purpose. At the pick-up location, the user also identifies himself via smartphone, which is what the digital access service “Perfectly keyless” from Bosch should ensure.

How long does the battery last?

The company’s convenience charging service, in turn, determines how much battery power is available and where new power can be charged. For this, the service links vehicle information such as the current battery charge level and energy consumption by heating and air conditioning with data from the environment such as a congestion and weather forecast to a forecast of the range. The system finds a charging station and can reserve it in advance.

For autonomous driving, Bosch develops and manufactures radar, video and ultrasonic sensors, brake control systems and electric power steering systems for automation itself. With predictive road condition services from Bosch, automated vehicles are supposed to “know” what environmental conditions prevail and adapt their driving style. With the “Bosch Road Signature” card-based localization service, autonomous vehicles can determine their position in the lane to the nearest centimeter.

Bosch Teams Up with IOTA to Launch New Data Collection IoT Device

Electronics giant Bosch has partnered with IOTA to integrate its new data collection Internet of Things (IoT) device with the IOTA Data Marketplace. With the aim to boost device connectivity, Bosch is helping drive IoT forward on a global level.

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