Dear IOTA supporters and newcomers,

There are many ways to enter the amazing IOTA community and benefit from its knowledge. You can participate via Discord Channel, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Youtube and others or you attend/host meetups & workshops near your location. This article has a focus on the biggest international IOTA community on Facebook, but all platforms have something in common: They offer plenty of edited information as well as truly passionate and helpful people guiding you into an exciting new world. Tens of thousands of developers, researchers, engineers, economists, financial experts, designers, journalists, social influencers, bloggers, private investors and curious newcomers from around the globe are communicating with each other and sharing their ideas & experiences.

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To be honest, you can always find disillusioned or toxic people critics like to refer to, but that’s a problem every project has to deal with! However, the majority of our community shares a truly innovative vision in a markedly rational way. Still we have to accept it’s a path of trial and tribulation being attacked 24/7 by “competitors” or people with bad intentions. But it wouldn’t be fun if it’s easy, right? ?


I want to share the experience I had with the community at the beginning of my IOTA journey, especially when I joined the Facebook group as my first step Sep/2017. It was originally founded by Kevin Ting (who had to leave shortly after due to other projects). Kevin then asked Eric Hop (who is now an IF member) to take over as admin, and Eric asked his lifetime friend Andre van Zegveld to help out. I had the pleasure to talk to Eric and Andre about the community in a written interview. They will give you some private insights on their friendship, their motivation to create this community and the problems they had to deal with. But first let me give you a short summary of the events…

When I stumbled on the Facebook Group I was searching for serious information material on IOTA. As a non-tech guy, going through the Whitepaper was like reading Chinese operation manuals after a few drinks – I barely understood the technical implementation. However, the vision and the team were absolutely stunning, but before any investment, proper research is the most important task. When I joined the group (circa 2.000 people at that time) I immediately felt to be in good hands. There has been a lengthy FAQ and several manuals on the most important topics, which developed further constantly over the time. Also every (stupid) question has been answered in a detailed and reasonable way. As a result, I never had any problems with IOTA and its handling at all. Actually, I became the single point of contact in my social environment as an adviser for private IOTA investments and created the community project IOTA Studios – due in no small part to the community!


During the crypto hype end of 2017 the numbers exploded and the group became the biggest international IOTA community on Facebook. Today the group has 6 admins and 11 mods, who manage about 40.000 highly active and productive members. These are huge numbers and it requires a lot of effort to keep this mass of people civilized and focused on the topic. So let’s proceed to the interview and see how it all started and developed up to now…

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