The IOTA Foundation is now working with Johann Jungwirth. From now on, the Chief Digital Officer of Volkswagen will serve on the board of the IOTA Foundation.

While the news spreads about the theft of online-generated seeds and the lost MIOTA’s uncertainty, there is also positive news surrounding the network. As the Twitter page shows, the team around Dominik Schiener confirms the future collaboration with Johann Jungwirth. As a supervisory board and consultant, the 44-year-old will actively support the team with his experience.

IOTA, who want to further develop the Blockchain and oppose it the Tangle network, have been enthusiastic since its inception already some high-profile supporters. In December of last year, for example, the Bosch Group invested in IOTA. The concept of IOTA, which is expected to lead to energy and resource efficient scalability, fast transactions, and low Internet of Things fees, also convinced Microsoft last year, resulting in a steep price hike.

Criticism of IOTA for seed hack

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Just over the weekend, the Internet of Things Association came under fire. So the developers were z. On Reddit, for example, hackers stole numerous IOTA wallets. As it turned out, the cracked wallets were those where the owners had their seeds generated online. The affected homepages for the generation of seeds are said to have been previously corrupted, which made it extremely easy to spy on the respective seeds. On their homepage and in social media one has therefore repeatedly stressed that his seeds are not generated online.

As an important safety precaution, the offline generation of the seed is recommended. Simply tap on “Tools – Generate Seed” on the Light Wallet and remember to cut off the internet connection beforehand. If you absolutely want to use an online seed generator, you could do it anyway. However, the generated seed would have to be changed offline again by swapping numbers and letters at will.