IOTA has been working together with a few NGOs recently and it has been acquainting new features to their already settled system, for example, the IOTA wallet. Additionally, IOTA’s “IAMPASS”, a partnership of Biometrics and Blockchain was launched by them recently.  IOTA is being supported by AKITA, which is one of their accomplices. At present, they are working on ‘Tangle’ and spreading their crypto-deeds!.

AKITA is a startup whose main focus is on the Distributed Ledger Technologies [DLTs]. Their central goal is to make DLT real and distinct. AKITA, as of now is concentrating on the execution of Proof of Concepts [PoC]. Generally, models that incorporate a hardware part and a reference to the physical world. As a startup, AKITA is unbelievably nimble and can understand functioning prototypes from the toy format to real production in the briefest conceivable time without red tape.

IOTA retweeted AKITAs Tweet, posting:

“IOTA Lab” will be an open community blueprint project, funded by the Ecosystem, managed by AKITA and shaped by you!
How does the perfect Maker-/ Office-/ Tech-Space look like (Design, Hardware, Equipment, Rewards…)? #iota #ecosystem #iotalab #community “

Situated in Singapore, Asia, AKITA is well associated with the European community as well as the market. Their role is to make DLT more specific, such as IOTA Tangle ought to be a consistent and substantial arrangement. As such, they have already constructed many PoCs based on IOTA. Weather Sensor Data with XDK, weather station, Raspberry Pi, Arduino and SmartWatch Pulse Sensor data on the IOTA Data MarketPlace are some of the examples of their workpiece.

So, to proceed with their work in a steady and expert condition, they are as of now exploring for a space that is ideal for all different kinds of stakeholders who are keen on IOTA and its improvement. The team at AKITA is searching for individuals who can co-create, develop, test, build and make real-life applications that really affect day-to-day life.

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