Sometime back, CarVertical announced that they would be making a big announcement that will impress IOTA investors. They have now confirmed that the date for this announcement is the 7th of November. According to a tweet that CarVertical sent out yesterday, they have been looking into how to integrate what IOTA has created, and that the idea is taking shape. They have also announced that they will “sort out” the tangle on the 7th of November. Below is the tweet from CarVertical with regards to the 7/11 announcement.

From this tweet, it is clear that CarVertical has found a way of integrating the IOTA tangle into their systems.

About CarVertical

CarVertical is a very interesting project, one that takes a very innovative and pragmatic approach to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Unlike most crypto projects that are aiming to compete with fiat in the currency space, CarVertical is looking to solve problems that car owners have to deal with at one point or the other. Some of the problems that CarVertical deals with include those of falsified odometer readings, stolen vehicle registration, and basically other issues related to a car’s history before purchase. Simply put, CarVertical is leveraging DLTs to ensure that at the point of purchase, the buyer has full information about the car they want to purchase. This is a big deal considering that millions of dollars are lost each year to car thieves and scammers misrepresenting information to sell faulty vehicles.

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