Most nodes run Grafana in conjunction with Prometheus and the iota-prom-exporter. Those who made the effort to compare the values from the first row (LMI, LSMI, etc.) of the widely-used “default” IOTA Grafana dashboard with the IRI logs for a longer time will have noticed that the values in Grafana often don’t match them or are displayed significantly delayed, regardless of which guide was used to install the node. Many nodes are affected by these problems and that’s not just because of the old flawed Grafana dashboard.

Originally I just wanted to provide direct access to Prometheus node metrics at the request of several developers, so that they can be retrieved securely from remote computers. These data can be used for websites or applications, for instance.

Anyway, Grafana and Prometheus are now up to date on and I have revised the dashboard to fix all bugs and problems. I also removed the lower part with the neighbors from the dashboard, because it didn’t work reliably and made the dashboard sluggish. As a replacement I added the part “IOTA Peer Manager” to the guide.

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