IOTA soon on the Ledger Nanor

As the developer Peter Willemsen reports on his website, the development of the IOTA support software on the Ledger Nano Hardware Wallets has progressed very far. A publication is however at the earliest possible with publication of the IOTA Trinity wallet, which is supposed to be published at the earliest in two months, in a first beta test version.

Developer Peter Willemsen has reported in a recent blog post about the progress of development for IOTA’s support on the Ledger Nano Hardware Wallet on its corporate website Upon completion, IOTA will be able to be stored and managed on the Ledger Nano Hardware Wallets.

Willemsen reports in the latest post that he completed two basic functions last month. On the one hand he has programmed the API (programming interface), on the other hand the signing of transactions (also part of the API). In his opinion, this means that “all the important functions we need are done”. Now, according to Willemsen, there are a large number of automated tests as well as minor bugfixes when signing transactions.

The integration of IOTA is to be realized via the not yet published IOTA Trinity Wallet and not via the Light Wallet. Willemsen introduces itself as follows: The user downloads the Trinity software and can use the IOTA Trinity Wallet at will. Once a ledger is connected to the PC, the hardware wallet asks if the user wants to use the Trinity Wallet or Ledger.

Finally, Willemsen explains:

This is probably the last development report before we go to beta.

With Willemsen releasing the past blog posts at approximately monthly intervals, we suspect that the release of the beta trial of Ledger Nano Integration will now follow in a few weeks’ time.

The IOTA Trinity Wallet

This date could also coincide with the release of a beta trial version of the IOTA Trinity Wallet, which is scheduled to take place no earlier than 6 to 7 weeks after the end of the audit.

The IOTA Trinity Wallet is an alternative to the IOTA Light Wallet, which has been subject to major criticism in the past. The Trinity Wallet is for many IOTA supporters the hope of a more user-friendly, safe and simpler solution compared to the IOTA Lightwallet. The beta test of Trinity should be publicly available and for both Android and iOS for free downloadable.

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