Just days after IOTA (MIOTA) partnered with UN and UNOPS, the IOTA foundation has announced releasing of the long awaited Trinity mobile wallet. This is still in the better stage and the community has all the reasons to smile. This is an App that is user friendly and comes with additional features

This has come out of the community efforts to ensure the network has their own native network. This means they will no longer rely on third party wallet service providers. The announcement comes at a time when IOTA is working towards repositioning itself in the market despite the current market slump.

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IOTA Trinity Wallet Market Entry

The IOTA trinity wallet is collaboration between the developer team and user members. The good thing about the projects is that the detailing and features are what the user wants and is custom made to meet their demands.

To get to the beta stage, the community has played a major role through the tests and construction and their feedback has been put into consideration before getting the final product. The passion around the Trinity wallet market entry is a clear indication of the support the community had for the network going into the future.

What is Special with the IOTA Wallet?

The App is community based innovative initiative that has been built in accordance with the user needs and aspirations. With so many wallet hacks being reported throughout the crypto market, it is always a good gesture to the community to be part of their online security. The mobile wallet gives the user control over their funds and peace of mind.

This is also an assurance that the wallet is safety is guaranteed for all network participants and it is error free. The mobile App has passed through stringent checks before its release and has is found to be what the community deserves.

Prior to its release a few hours ago, Trinity has been reviewed, tested against know threats and has passed all the security audits to ensure the user is 100% protected. Bus and threats detected have been isolated and the results have already been made public, through the official IOTA foundation website for the community and other stakeholders to scrutinize.

Part of the announcement read:

“We thank the community for their patience during this process. We are confident that you will feel it was well-worth the wait. The mobile beta is now live (desktop to follow shortly). Head over to and have a look”.

IOTA Mobile Wallet Market Reaction

The IOTA Trinity mobile release has been received with  a lot of excitement and led to the MIOTA coin to register a double digit percentage spike on the price. The new wallet client seems to be the catalyst het the coin holders have been waiting for. This has instilled further confidence among the community and appears to spur some short term growth of the coin.

At the time of writing, the MIOTA has gained 18.94% against the dollar and 12.95% to Bitcoin to trade at $1.62. The rally is set to keep the coin on the green to maintain a day’s surge of 15%. Bitfinex seems to be pushing the highest MIOTA volumes controlling almost a third of the total that has changed hands in the last 24 hours.

This is a good move towards MIOTA recovery in the market. This could not have come at a better time since the market seems to be gearing for the uptrend with the Bitcoin price creeping back to the elusive $7,400 mark. With the increased investor confidence, IOTA is set to be a coin in many enthusiast watch lists.

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