Nowadays, more than 10,000 different cryptocurrencies are traded publicly, according to, a market research website. Cryptocurrency trading is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to make income trading. 

But first, you need to choose a reliable cryptocurrency exchange. Many beginner traders make the mistake of signing up on any crypto website they find, which is an error that can expose you to scams and cost you a fortune.

Bitop aims to become one among the world-renowned digital assets trading platafrom, with the simple interface and diversified financial choices, Bitop spans an entire ecosystem for traders all over the world.

Bitop Exchange

Bitop is an advanced technology-based trading platform that focuses on crypto CFDs and provides a unique and revolutionized experience for users who just began their journey in cryptocurrencies or are more experienced.

Seamless Trading Experience

Bitop Exchange is committed to solving the problems of decentralized exchanges as well as the potential huge crisis in the digital era. Based on the construction of a strong underlying technology of their exchange, they have a clear direction for their future goals and will continue to climb to the top of the digital assets industry.

Key advantages of Bitop Exchange include 100+ CFDs in multiple pairs, free demo account with 100K virtual USDT funds for practice, innovative mirror trading (copy trading) system, 3 levels of API security and MSB licenses from the US and Canada.

BTOP Token

The official token issued by Bitop, known as BTOP, is the only business value transfer medium circulating on the platform; it has the dual functions of payment method and identity marking, making the token symbiotic and co prosperous in Bitop’s ecosystem. Users that own the token can enjoy special assets as well as being able to trace the financial and security information of the currency.

Community Rewards

The platform rewards users who contribute with registration invitations, sharing content and social contributions:

Community Node Rewards: In addition to the normal mining revenue, BITOP platform rewards community nodes with 20% of the total quarterly transaction fees in the form of BTC, ETH and USDT.

Registration Rewards: Users who invite new users to register can get invitation rewards. Initially, a static mechanism is used, and both the inviter and the invitee can get a fixed amount of invitation rewards. In the long term, the incentive will be calculated dynamically to ensure the balance between the number and price of BTOP.

Sharing and forwarding rewards: Share and forward information related to the platform or the community. Including sharing information within the platform – announcements, transaction details, website information, etc. Community messages and social media content. Simply, submit the relevant sharing links on the platform

Content creation rewards: Create content related to BITOP such as tweets, press releases, videos, blog entries, etc

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