Creditbit’s positive run continues as it sustains its price on the upside of the $1 mark. This is in contrast to the falling prices of the other cryptocurrencies. Though there has been a minor dip on the charts recently, Creditbit is still managing to look good with the statistics as the trade volume and market cap remains on a high even in the face of extreme Bitcoin volatility.

With its recent addition to Bittrex and the upcoming JAXX support, further price fluctuations can be expected with an increase in its reach. Moreover, the news of a new roadmap on the way is causing a fair amount of hype around the project. Most of the features planned under the second roadmap have either already been deployed or will be rolled out soon, therefore it will be interesting to see what the dev team has planned for the project under its next phase of development.

The much-anticipated JAXX support is also causing a fair bit of excitement in the Creditbit community. Jaxx wallet is a fairly popular wallet with crypto enthusiasts and supports both Bitcoin and Ethereum, along with many other major altcoins.

Getting JAXX support is definitely a major plus point for the Creditbit project as it gives the community another wallet solution. A wallet which is popular with both mobile and desktop users. Shapeshift is yet another important feature that JAXX offers and which the other wallets lack. ShapeShift is an exchange service for converting between blockchain tokens and coins. ShapeShift has been integrated directly into Jaxx to allow for in-app conversion between all currencies Jaxx supports.

Jaxx has been adding support for new cryptocurrencies. And being a popular wallet, its support definitely allows for more exposure for CRB. Which is definitely not a lousy deal for the coin; as the more the exposure, the better it is for the coin in concern.

Things have been looking up for the Creditbit project and with CRB’s prices still sustaining its recent high in the current cryptocurrency market conditions, the coin is surely in for a long haul. And with JAXX support for the coin and the new roadmap on the way, the project definitely has many more exciting developments in store.

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