US Presidential Candidate and former ICO-enthusiast, John McAfee, has declared a ‘hard date’ for a bitcoin price of $1 million. This followed a prediction of “$1 million… someday” by Jesse Lund, vice-president of blockchain and digital currencies at IBM.

Two Weeks Next Someday

Lund made his prediction in an interview, when quizzed about his future outlook for Bitcoin, saying:

I see Bitcoin at a million dollars someday. I have actually blogged about this a little bit.

His prediction may however, partly be based on a preference for round numbers. He explained that he liked the figure because “then a Satoshi will be equal to one U.S. penny.” He also noted that $20 trillion liquidity of the network this meant, would massively change the global financial services landscape.

But ‘someday’ is just a little bit vague, and difficult to get excited about… which is where Mr McAfee steps in.

Save The Date

While applauding Lund’s ‘awakening’ to the fact that ‘Bitcoin will be $1,000,000’, McAfee wasn’t content with ‘someday.’ So he upped the ante and stated a ‘hard date’ for the forecast, of December 31st 2020.

This updates (and in effect doubles down on) his previous bet, made in July 2017, that Bitcoin price 00 would move above $500,000 in three years.

McAfee famously claimed that if he lost that bet he would eat his own penis on national television. When questioned in the Twitter comments, McAfee confirmed that this was the same bet, and that:

I never lose a bet.

Wild Wild Life

Whatever one’s opinion of McAfee, his life is nothing if not fascinating. Last year he declared his intention to run for the office of US President, with the Libertarian party, for the second time. Then earlier this year, he revealed that he is being pursued by the IRS, for ‘unspecified crimes,’ and living in exile.

Bitcoin Will End up in One of Three Ways, Predicts Expert

Price prediction is a notoriously precarious occupation, and putting one’s manhood on the line would be a step-too-far for almost anyone except McAfee.

So, will we see him devouring his genitals on national television? I personally hope not, for many reasons, chief amongst them being personal financial gain. After all, the prospect of a $1 million dollar bitcoin in less than two years is certainly something to get excited about. More so than a man chewing his own tickle-tackle, I’d wager.

Do you think McAfee will be proven correct? Share your thoughts below!

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