Jamie Dimon, managing director of the major US bank JPMorgan Chase, was one of the first and for a long time most prominent voices who loudly doubted Bitcoin. In September, he had predicted Bitcoin would end with a speedy crash. This week he says he regrets having accused Bitcoin of being a “fraud”.

Dimons rethink reflects a steady trend: As more and more political forces raise their voices against the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is increasingly establishing itself in conventional finance and banking – Dimon’s competition is not sleeping.

Jamie Dimon has considered it again. After calling Bitcoin a “fraud” in the past year, Dimon relented several times and insisted on firing every employee on his bank that dealt in cryptocurrencies. In addition, all Bitcoin owners would pay the price to be “stupid enough” to buy them.

In an interview with FOX Business on Tuesday, the 61-year-old bank chief now turned in and pulled back his crushing verdict from last year.

He “regrets” making these statements, according to Dimon’s re-assessment, based on his comments on the quasi-leading cryptocurrency. His statements would have merely reflected the assessment of governments, if the Bitcoin once “really big” would.

Despite all rethinking, he continues to be personally not interested in cryptocurrencies, according to Dimon.

In addition to his reassessments, Dimon also showed in the interview as a staunch advocate of the underlying blockchain technology. This is “real”. With their help, it would be possible to own “crypto dollars and yen”. However, he sees ICOs more distantly. These should be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

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