A place in the blockchain

With a new book, author Brett Biery wants to introduce children to the basics of blockchain technology. The software engineer tries this with descriptive pictures and terms, which should be understandable for children. Hero of the story is “Blocky”, who has to make an effort to find his place in the blockchain. The book called “A Place in the Blockchain” can either be bought as a paperback on Amazon or downloaded for free as an e-book for Kindle.

Author Brett Biery commented on his creation on Reddit: “The book is meant to be an entertaining tribute to technology – I read it to my child every day.” Having a theme that interests both adults and children is a bonus to the book.

The readership on Amazon is much harder with the book into court. “Sorry, but I read the book to my child and she still does not understand the blockchain … Hmmm … she liked the graphics in the book, after all” is one of the numerous comments of those readers who only use one in five books Have rated stars.

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