Most online advertising today originates via Google and Facebook, who both own massive ad platforms that a majority of advertisers and publishers use today to grow and monetize their businesses. The advertisements on the platform are often poorly targeted, and offer advertisers and publishers less ROI than ever before. Not only are these platforms creating less effective ads than ever before, but they are contributing to irritating ad experiences for the user in the form of pop-ups ads and phantom videos being played without the users’ consent.

Currently, there are a few advertising cryptocurrencies who are using the blockchain to make a decentralized advertising platform where advertisers, publishers/content creators, users/readers, and app developers are incentivized by using the platform. One, in particular, trying to do so is the Kind Ads’ protocol, an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain, that relies on less intrusive advertising techniques like push notifications, emails, and chatbots, to create more effective ads for both advertisers and publishers.

The Kind Ads’ Platform

Kind Ads is a decentralized advertising platform hoping to take the centralization out of advertising in the near future. The Kind Ads’ team is building an advertising platform that helps rank and score publishers (via past Google scoring, and proprietary ranking in the Kind Ads’ platform) so that advertisers can find a more receptive audience, while publishers earn more for providing better leads.

The advertising methods they have integrated into their platform are meant to be less intrusive ad experiences, instead of annoying pop-up ads that overwhelm eyes on computers or mobile screens.

The currency that will power the Kind Ads’ platform will be called the KIND token. KIND tokens will have different uses inside the platform and will allow users to opt-in or out of the Kind Ads platform (or select which data they would like to share), giving them more control over how their data is used. The KIND token will also be used by advertisers to buy ads from publishers on the network, which will instantly pay publishers daily (not like the delayed payments most advertising platforms utilize today).

Not only will publishers earn more, and advertisers will earn a better ROI, but app developers that develop new advertising technologies, as well as users who offer their data for use on the platform, will be rewarded in a daily rewards pool with KIND tokens.

Kind Ads Virtual Crypto Summit

If you’re interested in learning more about Kind Ads, they are hosting a Virtual Crypto Summit on May 4, 2018, featuring keynote speakers like online marketing guru Neil Patel (also an advisor to the Kind Ads’ project), and speakers from Shopin, Current, Crypto20, Hosho, Simplyvital Health, fr8 Network and more.

Join them for one of the world’s largest Crypto Summit featuring 10 crypto-industry leaders from all the world. The tickets are free and available from Participants can win amazing prizes, including a solid gold Bitcoin bracelet, silver Bitcoin bracelets, and 100 Trezors.

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