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UK based trading education platform Learn 2 Trade has just announced that it has launched a crypto signals service. The service will enable subscribers to receive signals in real-time directly via email, SMS, or RSS feed. 

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For those unaware, signals are heavily sought-after in the online crypto trading sphere, as they alert investors to a potential profit-making opportunity that lies in waiting. 

The underlying technology – which is fully automated, will look at a plethora of indicators on a second-by-second basis. When the technology flags an incoming pricing movement on the back of a technical indicator, it will then notify subscribers in real-time. 

How the Learn 2 Trade Signals Work

The Learn 2 Trade signals portal operates in an autonomous manner. It has a number of technical indicators built into the technology that scans the cryptocurrency markets on a 24/7 basis. 

This is highly beneficial for the trader, as it allows them to perform in-depth technical analysis on heaps of cryptocurrency pairs without needing to lift a finger. Instead, the trade signals protocol will notify the subscriber when a potential opportunity arises.  

At this stage, the Learn 2 Trade Platform will assign the signal one of three statuses. The signal is either ‘Live’ – meaning it is ready to be traded, ‘Get Ready’, which means the signal is awaiting confirmation before it can be traded, or ‘Closed’ – meaning the opportunity has passed. 

When the trader is notified via email, SMS, or RSS feed – they will be provided with five key pieces of information. First and foremost, the system will notify the trader which cryptocurrency pair the trading signal relates to – for example, BTC/USD or ETH/USD. Next, the system will outlay a brief overview of the projected incoming price movement to justify the signal. 

For example, this might be because Bitcoin is experiencing a major increase in trading volume and thus – its likely to breach a key resistance level at $10,000. Similarly, the Learn 2 Trade signals system might base its information on the 200-day exponential moving average of ETH/USD, alongside the Fibonacci Retracement levels.

Entry and Exit Price Points Covered 

Crucially, the trading signals offered by Learn 2 Trade will also include three price trigger points – which ensures the trader knows what entry and exit orders to place. Regarding the former, this is the exact price that the trader should place their buy or sell order at. 

Traders will also be notified what stop-loss orders should be placed to ensure risk is kept to a minimum. A take-profit order price will also be provided. Ultimately, once the three price point orders have been placed by the trader, they can sit back and allow the trade to play out.

One of the most important aspects of the Learn 2 Trade crypto signals service is that information is released to subscribers in real-time. Not only does this ensure the investor has sufficient time to get the trade on, but it also paves the way for independent research. In other words, the trader can – and should, assess the merits of the automated signal prior to placing a trade. 

This gives crypto traders the best of both worlds. On the one hand, traders have the capacity to scan and analyze heaps of crypto pairs concurrently, without needing to lift a finger. On the other, they can then utilize their personal knowledge and experience of the crypto trading arena when a signal materializes, by manually assessing the strength of the signal.

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