It is evident there is a lot of interest in smaller exchanges right now. This is especially true where cryptocurrency ICO investors are concerned. These smaller exchanges will often list ICO tokens as one of the first, which creates interesting buying and selling opportunities. ICO tokens will often find their way to Yobit, Liqui, and Livecoin. Let’s see how these three exchanges compare to one another.

3. Liqui

When visiting the Liqui website, it is evident this platform is not exactly professionally designed. In fact, it is a rather bland design that leaves much to be desired. Then again, Liqui has an active trollbox, which is something a lot of people will appreciate. Liqui also supports quite a few different cryptocurrencies and tokens which can be traded against, Bitcoin, Ether, and USDT.

One reason why Liqui is so attractive is because this platform generates a good amount of trading volume. They are also relatively quick when it comes to adding new ICO tokens on their exchange, which often see a nice amount of volume as well. Liqui gets some decent reviews so far, as the Ukraine-based exchange seems to be doing exactly what people expect.  However, there could always be some issues when dealing with smaller exchanges, thus your mileage may vary.

2. YoBit

The YoBit design doesn’t look all that different from Liqui, yet their menu is a bit easier to navigate. Moreover, they seemingly present the coin information in a far more convenient manner, which is what people are looking for these days. YoBit also supports a lot more coins, albeit it appears they can only be traded against Bitcoin or the US Dollar right now. No Ethereum trading pairs can be found on this platform at the time of writing.

That being said, there are some things to worry about when using YoBIt. Rumor has it the platform is under investigation by Russian authorities. It is unclear if there is any truth to the rumors, but given Russia’s uneasy relationship with cryptocurrency, it is not impossible. The platform also has a poor overall user review rating, mainly due to lackluster support and accounts seeing passwords changed. Once again, your mileage may vary, but be aware these allegations are floating around on the internet.

1. LiveCoin

Out of these three exchanges, LiveCoin has the most professional layout by far. It looks like an exchange people would like to use, rather than something created by putting tables together in an HTML editor. A proper design template can go a long way when presenting a trading platform to people from all over the world. Moreover, Livecoin has a lot of trading markets, mainly focusing on trading against Bitcoin, the US Dollar, Euro, Ether, and the Russian Ruble.

A lot of cryptocurrency ICO tokens find their way to Livecoin pretty quickly as well, which is good to see. The company is getting a lot of mixed reviews from users, although the overall response seems to be positive. The platform itself is getting a lot of praise, even though the web frontend is not to everyone’s liking, which is to be expected. Always be wary when dealing with smaller unregulated exchanges, in my opinion LiveCoin seems to be trustworthy.

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