Queensland, Australia, February 3, 2018. The LocalCoinSwap ICO Pre-Sale is underway with a flurry of early investors looking to get their hands on what is professed to be a game changer in cryptocurrency trading.

For the longest time, big names in the crypto community have spoken of the need for better trading mechanisms to facilitate the explosion of new coins and growing demand amongst users.

The LocalCoinSwap team has taken it upon themselves to create a new decentralized peer-to-peer marketplace that not only offers trading on all coins, but also puts the ownership of the exchange back into the hands of its users.

The LocalCoinSwap idea was created by a dedicated team of developers looking to create a solution to their own problem of trying to get new cryptocurrencies quickly, easily, and without arduous verification processes imposed by traditional exchanges.

The exchange provides a location for community members to directly buy and sell all cryptocurrencies securely while providing public feedback on the quality of each other’s service.

Unlike mainstream centralized exchanges, LocalCoinSwap has no trade, deposit or withdrawal restrictions. Traders can trade any cryptocurrency, using any method of payment, anywhere in the world.

When quizzed by Steven Stanley on his motivation behind the exchange, LocalCoinSwap Chief Technical Officer Nathan Worsley said “The technology to do this has existed for a long time, but the exchange we wanted to use hadn’t been created yet. We took it upon ourselves to develop this vision into a reality.”
What is perhaps the biggest feature of the LocalCoinSwap ICO is the fact that investors are paid regular dividends in a basket of cryptocurrencies earned by the exchange. This bold new Cryptoshare system acts similar to traditional shares with owners being able to vote on issues pertaining to the business’s operations and also participate in 100% of the profits earned by the exchange.

The LocalCoinSwap ICO Pre-Sale will begin in March and the regular ICO begins shortly afterwards. Early adopters will be able to take advantage of great discounts on token purchases. Their exchange will launch in August this year. A detailed discussion on this new platform can be

viewed in their Whitepaper here.

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