How it all would be without blockchain:

Everyone knows the usual collectible cards with images and photos of famous athletes: baseball players, football players, basketball players, hockey players and many other idols. Today, this hyper-popular infatuation of the 90s of the XX century is getting popular again. Collecting athletes cards is trendy again!, a new project, offers its users not simply to collect cards, but to subsequently sell them actively in the market. Blockchain allows this hobby to be re-born, only now in digital form as something more than just collecting.

A new era of sports betting

In addition to the modern online platform-exchange with one of the largest collections of cards, CryptoSportStars will become a full-fledged betting platform too. Its launch is scheduled for April 25. Each user will have the opportunity to earn on his or her favorite athlete. Thus, the more cards you have, the greater the level of regular income.

The crypto currency technology was developed taking into account decentralization. On the CryptoSportStars portal, the control will be at the bookmakers and it will be delivered to people making bets. Imagine that you have a smart contract – it is you who sets the commission for its sale: you can increase it to maximize the profit for the bet or lower it to attract more players. Such an algorithm allows you to achieve both a smaller commission and a better chance of winning.

It is simple to get carried away, but to earn on your hobby is even easier!

Players score, teams win – you earn

The creators and developers of the CryptoSportStars project announce the forthcoming integration of all collections available on the site with a system of sports betting around the world. Users will receive an additional commission if an athlete whose card is present in their collection has scored a goal, made the puck cross the goal line, committed any other active action, or if his or her team has won.

The future of betting belongs to us!” the project authors note.

Minimal commission at maximal profit

Unlike other collectible games with a commission of 5% or higher, the commission on is set at the minimum level. The bets are fixed below 3% and are reduced to 2% depending on the current value of a particular card.

The captain ofCryptoSportStars reports:

“We, as a team of the creators of the project, were influenced a lot by the American culture and traditional hobbies of millions of sports fans in the US and in other countries of the world. Realizing that today blockchain conquers all spheres of life, we decided to create online collections of sports cards that can be purchased and constantly replenished for cryptocurrency. Now sports lovers can collect not only samples of worn uniforms, autographs and hair samples of their idols, but also electronic cards, and the unique opportunity to make money on their favorite players will be an additional incentive that will allow us to unite hundreds of thousands of users around the world and create a sports cryptoteam that is the strongest in the world,” – says the captain of

CryptoSportStars is not just the creation of your own collection, it is a full-fledged tool for making money, based on Ethereum blockchain technology. The platform unites users-lovers of sports and allows them not only to create their own online set of cards, but also to exchange subsequently with other users of the portal, and even sell them with profit and make money.

Buying an athlete for ether is the best investment.

The algorithm is simple: first you buy a card of some athlete for Ethereum cryptocurrency. Then, after a while, you buy additional cards to accumulate a full collection. Communicating with other active users, you find out that someone is missing one or more athletes that you have in your collection. It should be noted from the outset that only one copy of each card is issued and so only one user can have it. After initial arrangement, the sales process is launched. Blockchain eliminates all risks of participants involved in the transaction, and the funds are instantly transferred to the Ethereum wallets. The only condition for such a transaction is setting a new price, at least twice the original cost of the card: another user can buy a card from you only if he or she pays at least twice as much.

Online blockchain collections – the future belongs to cryptosports

In CryptoSportStars everything is simple and reliable: you buy cards, create your collection, monitor the growth of popularity of your favorite athletes, and then you get an opportunity to make profit. Everything is like in real life. Only before everybody collected plastic cards, and now it is blockchain collecting.

Today, the cryptosports market is really booming. And it means that by joining CryptoSportStars, you receive an exclusive asset that is beyond volatility!

To see cards available for purchase, as well as to learn more about CryptoSportStars, please, visit the official website of the project:

Meet the rising star of blockchain games: cryptosportstars collect and earn! The game features contracts of real sport stars.

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