The BlockCDN project, under the management of Blockchain Global Development Foundation, with two years’ development, has made great improvement. Foundation stated, on January 8, 2018, that the first asset management application M-Berry has been launched globally. From the date of launching, the users can make an appointment to get the reservation code and it is the first round of invite code distribution activity. The lottery drawing is going to hold on January 12, and the users can download APP and register to bind ETH address before making an appointment.

M-berry, the word M comes from the Chinese translation “树莓派” of the mining procedure Raspberry Pi, at the same time, in Chinese culture, berry, which in Chinese “果”, symbolizes bloom and rich fruit.

The users can download the M-Berry APP from the official website and make an appointment in advance. If getting the invite code successfully, and the mining procedure will product endless tokens everyday after opening mining activity.

BlockCDN does not make the hardware and use the global general machine Raspberry Pi 3. As we know, the invite code is important for the mining procedure; only after getting the invite code to connect the system. Therefore, the invite code is the first step of mining. It is also easy to get it that you have 1000 BCDN tokens in the wallet address.

Through M-Berry, it is easy to make an appointment and attend the drawing a lottery. In addition to these, M-Berry APP is your helper in the asset management and you can import the assets into the APP from the official website and testing mining procedure.

It is essential for the miners to monitor the machine and query the income everyday. You will manage your machine easily with M-Berry APP.

At present, the team publishes 1.0 version of M-Berry and will upgrade it gradually. The first plan is to add the community, the one- click purchase, and the query of smart contract matching and many disruptive functions. The launching of M-Berry 1.0 version, it remarks that BlockCDN is in practice which is important step of community.

In this time, it means to provide a fair chance of mining for users and the great miming experience for community. Foundation will open mining uniformly until reaching a distributing scale. And BlockCDN ‘s global node is being laid out.

BlockCDN is a project which under the management of Blockchain Global Development Foundation. BlockCDN is a distributed CDN system based on Ethereum smart contract . The system sets the CDN mining, smart contract settlement and CDN trading market in one. Through chain work and online checkout, BlockCDN calls on global network participants to share their idle devices (such as PC, routers, TV boxes, mobile phones) and provide upload traffic making Internet acceleration nodes ubiquitous. Based on Ethereum smart contract system, BlockCDN will not only allow users of unused broadband to share idle network devices and upload traffic then getting higher benefits without adding additional inputs, but provide cheaper, multi-nodes, and faster distributed CDN services for those websites that need to speed up.

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