BitcoinF is the biggest Bitcoin conference in Latin America, and its 8th edition was concluded in the past week. The event, which began on the 10th of September 2020, ran for three days until the 13th of September and saw a heavy influx of enthusiasts, crypto gurus, speakers, and patrons from various parts of the world.

Earlier it was supposed to be a single day event planned to be held in May, but the dates were postponed due to the pandemic, and the length of the event was increased to 4 days instead of 1. This was the 8th edition of BitconF and the biggest that had taken place in Serra Negra, Brazil.

Martkist was also a proud sponsor of the event and experienced huge success with participation in terms of contacts, outreach, and engagement. Various interested groups approached the kiosk at the event, including exchange operators, owners, crypto service providers, and community leaders. It was a great experience that led Martkist to enhance its market presence.

What is BitconF? What’s the Purpose?

The origins of BitconF comes from the Bitcoin Brazil Group, so it is a predominantly Latin American event that has gained global popularity in just 6 years after its inception. Started on the 8th of March 2014, the core motive of the event is to bring together the pioneers of Bitcoin in Brazil.

Furthermore, the event is premised on discussing and deliberating over the evolution of the digital currency environment and, with it, the gradual success of Bitcoin. Although initially, it was all about Bitcoin, eventually the event included other coins as well.

In Spite of being recognized globally, the purpose of BitconF has always been developing the Brazilian community that believes and works in the crypto world. Plus, it seeks to popularize the usage of crypto among the common folk. This makes the event an outreach platform, an endorsing outlet, and a stage where innovation happens.

At its very core, BitconF is a common and all-inclusive platform for exchanging information. It provides people with a platform where they can come, meet, talk, discuss, brainstorm, and procreate an idea into a solution.

With an extraordinary effort in Brazil, the BitconF community has been able to not only launch but help many large companies establish a strong foothold in Brazil. Capitalizing on this potential and advantageous positioning of BitconF, the Martkist team decided to participate in the event with full vigor and enthusiasm.

Martkist’s Participation in BitconF

Martkist’s special sponsorship to the event was fruitful as the platform earned an introduction with over 500 participants and an amazing level of engagement. But, the success story of this participation effort comes in the form of negotiation that is ongoing with three different exchanges.

To get the attention and convince more people to engage, Martkist also gave away around $300 as a reward to the event attendees during the event and afterward. After all the efforts put in by the Martkist team, including the free giveaways, distribution of masks, and other stuff, the results have been more than successful.

Plus, the most important thing about being a part of such events is recognition and outreach. The Martkist team also got the contact information about the attendees which will also help with marketing and outreach.

Attending such events is all about getting some traction and recognition. Plus, there is a constant flow of ideas and opinions. Some of these ideas can be leveraged to improve Martkist further.

What is Martkist?

Martkist is a collaboration of a decentralized marketplace that runs on the blockchain and proffers community-based governance, budget proposal voting, and seamless access to the decentralized assets.

Martkist is not a simple exchange platform or a crypto coin; it provides users with next-gen solutions like smart contract generation for conducting businesses outside the crypto ecosystem.

Plus, Martkist allows the users to send and receive money through the platform without any authority or middleman setting the rules or limitations. If that’s not all, it also provides a platform to the users that provides access to different job opportunities and transactional security.

To Sum It Up

The participation of Martkist at BitconF is a great move for getting more attention and market presence. Plus, with the service package provided by the Martkist’s platform while addressing the core issues any user comes across in the world is extraordinary.

BitconF has grown every year and has helped the Brazilian community know more about the usability and benefits of cryptocurrency and will continue to do so for years to come.

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