Yeah, we again got a good news for you.

Since, the first day we have prioritised our users first and that’s the reason why most of our developments focus on how to make things easy and intuitive for you. There is already a lot of complexity surrounding the topic of blockchain. At MCAP we want to convert investing into a stress free and one click process for you.

Would you like to trade in MCAP at other exchanges? And what if you had a native BGF trade exchange built just for our you?

Seems a bit audacious, no it’s not. And to further add, it’s not all, we have successfully achieved some other development goals too that we promised. We are really proud of the team we have and also of the trust that you have showered on us.

Some but not all developments that we have incorporated in past few months are:

  • Considering the wider acceptance of ERC 20 protocol and other advantages we have successfully migrated from Counterparty protocol to ERC 20 i.e. Ethereum. This step has not only brought us in the league of big guns like Genosis, Augur, Golem etc. but has also provided us a wider visibility. Wanna see MCAP on Ethereum block explorer. [Check here] .

  • We have successfully developed our own trading platform. This step was decided to attract global users to trade on BGF platform in MCAP and improve its market value. Also, this will enable regular users to get a one stop solution at BGF platform with all facilities even the trading. So, don’t wait, put your MCAP’s to work.[Check here]

  • Well, what else can be done to skyrocket the market price of MCAP, yes you’re right. Let’s list it in a global exchange. Now, you can trade your MCAP in other currencies like USD, BTC, DOGE, LTC etc. on C-Cex exchange. Soon we are going to launch it on 3 other exchanges too. So,hurry catch up with other traders and start trading today. [ Check here]

What to expect next at MCAP?

As soon as MCAP was launched on C-CEX trading exchanges on 28th May it’s price saw a rise and it reached around $6 in no time. Currently, it is racing around $7 and this is in accordance with earlier prediction of our analysts that forecasted market price of MCAP to reach $100 by the end of November, 2017.

The developments in past few months have led to a huge demand of MCAP tokens. Now with availability of MCAP on various cryptocurrency exchanges we can meet this demand. Also, such huge demand will ultimately lead to increase in the market value of token.

Also, the investment plan of MCAP has been developed such that it fosters the demand of MCAP tokens. As we have earlier stated that the capital raised from MCAP token is invested in mining or ICO. The company will use a part of this revenue 60% for further growth and 40% to buy and burn MCAPs from exchanges to increase the price of MCAP and provide return to the investors. So you can either sell your MCAPs to get an exit or hold them with increased valuation at various available exchanges.

In last we would request you to visit our updates page regularly to be up to date with all the ninja work going in MCAP den. We have some useful information like how to use new ERC 20 platform and other developments compiled for you.

Important: The contract address for MCAP is: 0x93e682107d1e9defb0b5ee701c71707a4b2e46bc

It’s time to make your MCAP work for you!

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