These days we are witnessing new cyber attacks, with governments and large corporations collecting our private data from the Internet. Many will recall the big data leaks, such as the leak of credit card numbers, names and addresses from the Ashley Madison dating agency in 2015. This sensitive data was then used to allegedly blackmail the people whose data it was.

Large companies like Google and Facebook collect our data for marketing purposes and to be able to create targeted advertising campaigns. Data trade is becoming increasingly common and it does not seem to worry the majority of companies either.

However, statistics on the use of tools such as AdBlock and VPN provide evidence that many users are beginning to realise that something is wrong. According to AdBlock statistics, their ad blocking module is already installed on 615 million devices. According to the market research report, the VPN market will reach $106 billion in 2022.

Many users think that VPN clients are encrypted with their data and Internet traffic, and no one can access the sensitive data. This is not entirely true, as there are VPN clients who have access to our data. Data centres are another weakness in the system if the providers use these services.

Is there any solution where we can be sure that our data will not get into the wrong hands? Thanks to revolutionary blockchain technology and smart contracts, yes.

One development team is working on a Mysterium network project. Money for developing has been successfully raised this May ICO, which has surpassed expectations and surprised the developers. The maximum amount of 14 million Swiss francs was gained in less than an hour. The team around Mysterium network aims to build its own VPN network that will work on a marketplace basis.

The users who are creating VPN providers will thus be paid by those who provide the traffic to the network.

These transactions will take place using team-created Myst Tokens. This will provide revenue for people who want to be part of this community but will not actively use VPN services.

Major demand for VPNs still come from China, but we can also see the booming of VPN clients in the Western world. In Asia, the main motivation for the use of these services is the censorship of content, while in the Western world the effort to protect their personal data prevails.

The Mysterium network thus appears to be a good alternative for the general public and the potential for user base growth is enormous. Myst tokens can be traded on the Bittrex and Liqui stock exchanges. In the last few days, we have witnessed growing interest and the price has gone up.

Many people believe this project has also been successful in ICO itself. The team of developers are now working hard to implement the individual stages which are contained within two basic development phases.


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