The mining of digital currencies in the network is hardly worthwhile, the costs are too high. Graphics cards specially designed for this purpose should change that.

AMD: New card based on old Radeon

Two new products are listed on the US website of the hardware manufacturer Asus. The “Mining-RX470-4G” is to be a graphics card for the professional removal of digital currency. It is based on the AMD Radeon RX 470, but has some special features for the mining. Thus, the fans are equipped with durable ball bearings, which should enable a 24-hour operation. They also have a dust-repellent surface. The software “GPU Tweak II” can be used to regulate clocking, graphics memory utilization and current consumption. Thus, the card should provide a particularly efficient mining.

Not designed for normal use

Because the cards are designed purely for mining of digital currencies, they usually do not have any connections for the display. Therefore, they are completely unsuitable for use in a commercial computer. For this the manufacturers promise a up to 36 per cent higher performance in mining. It remains to be seen whether and under what circumstances this will be achieved. So also the prices of the cards, to which Asus so far not expresses itself.

Dual-Ball Bearing Fans run smoother by reducing friction, further improving 2X longer card lifespan and cooling efficiency.
IP5X-Certified Fans for dust resistant and longer fan lifespan.
Industry Only Auto-Extreme Technology with Super Alloy Power II delivers premium quality and best reliability.
GPU TWEAK II allows you to modify GPU clock, memory clock and voltage to gain the best hash rate.

ASUS Mining RX 470 is engineered to be seriously durable, enabling 24/7 operation for uninterrupted coin production. With GPU Tweak II also included for easy clock-speed and voltage tuning, ASUS Mining RX 470 provides the vital hardware and software tools cryptocurrency miners need to succeed in their quest to make a profit — making the new cards a great choice for building mining systems with the best possible cost-performance ratio.

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