In the interest of furthering choice and decentralization, Monero users now have another wallet available to them.

‘A Labor of Love’

In a post on the r/Monero subreddit yesterday, user WiseSolution — otherwise known as Nath — announced the launch of a new online wallet and website, XMRWALLET. Wrote the creator:

The doors are open and I am so happy to finally have a finished site for the Monero community. It’s been a long 7 months of work but it is definitely a labor of love. I have been using for over a year (thank you /fluffyponyza for the amazing service) and thought I could improve some aspects of the program and build out a bunch of cool new features. Having another Monero web wallet also helps with decentralization in case MyMonero is inaccessible.


As noted in Nath’s post, the new wallet boasts a slew of improved and interesting featured, including:

  • Full client-side operation
  • Fast transactions
  • Instant account creation
  • Support for ten languages
  • Compatibility with MyMonero seeds for wallet imports
  • Compatibility with original Monero seeds for wallet imports
  • No transaction import requirement
  • Visible height synchronization with a progress bar
  • An automatically-updated XMR/USD balance view
  • Max function on send page
  • Multiple seed access (in new tab)
  • No registration requirements
  • No logs

Additional features are also currently in development, including seamless access to coins on forked chains — such as Monero Classic (XMC), Monero Original (XMO), and MoneroV (XMV) — and a Twitter account for live updates.

Nath (short for Nathalie) also notes that she’s is incredibly busy, so any assistance, feedback, and support from the community would be appreciated. She writes:

I currently have a full-time job so I will spend any extra hours I have improving xmrwallet, if you notice any bugs please let me know so I can squish them promptly. My direct email is [email protected]. If you wish to support the site you can click on support to find my xmr wallet address.

Monero mining malware

XMRWALLET has already received plenty of positive feedback from the community. notgiven688 commented that the new wallet “looks great — and with great I mean really really great,” while other users commented on the design, support for 10 languages, and the ability to send a maximum amount. In regards to the latter, user qwertycian wrote:

It’s great that there’s an option to send the max amount. This is a problem with MyMonero that people often complain about [on the subreddit]: not being able to sweep their entire wallet.

To check out the new XMRWALLET for yourself, head on over to — where you can easily and quickly create an account and get started.

What do you think the new XMRWALLET? Do you plan on taking advantage of its ability to send max amounts? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

Images courtesy of AdobeStock, Shutterstock, and XMRWALLET.

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