The Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) is the operating company of the New York Stock Exchange. The ICE intends to deliver the prices of more than 15 leading crypto currencies to its customers worldwide in cooperation with the start-up blockstream. This is another step from Bitcoin & Co. towards mainstream.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal last Thursday, the new partners want to distribute the price data to countless private investors and employees of financial companies, hedge funds, investment and trading companies. The IT service provider Blockstream from Atlanta delivers the data and evaluates it, ICE, as the operator of the New York Stock Exchange, traditionally creates the link to the recipients of the desired information.

This is another sign that the US largest stock market is finally ready to take this new market seriously. The data should be available from March of this year. For crypto-currencies, clients should be able to see the prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and other coins in real time. In addition, the new feed will deliver six digital currencies at exchange rates with the Fiat currencies US and Canadian dollars, euros, yen, yuan and British pounds. The new dataset should include the Bitcoin price history of the last two years. In addition, customers will be informed in future about parallels in the development of the observed cryptocurrencies. The information should be sourced from more than 600 different sources in order to provide the paying subscribers with maximum information.

Positive signals from the financial world, which come at just the right time. The example of New York should soon be followed by other trading centers around the world. As a result, the subject of cryptocurrencies will soon be indispensable to the regular daily business of brokers.

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