Is the world of traditional media losing its luster as social media increases in popularity? That may be the case. But while today’s social platforms advocate open and free expression, these sites are increasingly censuring users if their content is deemed unacceptable. And in extreme cases, some online platforms are being shut down altogether.

Imagine the person who one day wakes up to discover that their social media account has been deleted along with all of their prized content and followers. Or maybe even the content has been altered in a way that articulates a different message than the person intended. All of this underscores how hosted content can still be controlled or manipulated by a third-party or outside authority, an affront to the cause of internet freedom.

And as if this were not enough, there are now well documented reports that user information is increasingly being sold to outside businesses for profit.

These and other trends suggest that the prevailing media world is ripe for massive disruption with the emergence of blockchain technology’s revolutionary qualities. Enter OneName Global (onG) a pioneering blockchain-centric media platform that brings together an individual’s social networks into one place.

The main value proposition of onG.Social is that it will allows for automatic backup of shared content on the blockchain thereby protecting users from loss or outsider control of their work. It is among the first social dashboards to incentivize community members with cryptocurrency rewards for sharing their social media content to both centralized and decentralized social platforms, creating a unique alignment between the two.

This feature provides users with a simplified means of controlling their digital identities. onG.Social also delivers flexible tools that allow community members to receive multiple cryptocurrency rewards – arguably a first in the social media world.

User experience is fueled by a dashboard where they can connect to the API of various social media accounts like Facebook, G+ and LinkedIn. Content developers can automatically post content to multiple social media accounts with onG acting as the account management hub.

Moreover users will have access to other free tools like analytics and calculators that keep them apprised of the revenues being generated from their posts. This income is deposited into a “digital bank” in the form of the native token, onG Coin. The long term objectives is to have the token tradeable on popular exchanges so that users can freely trade in the native currency for Bitcoin or even fiat money. allows users to maintain full control of their content through a publicly verified blockchain so they never have to worry about it being censored or taken down. Posts will be validated through an assessment of the global impact of a submission as well verified truth through community consensus. This system is expected to result in higher quality content that avoids fake news.

Finally, the site will encourage community building and social interaction, allowing users can connect with as many people as they desire via an encrypted network without restrictions.




The​ ​ICO​ ​Campaign

Momentum around OneName Global a registered in state of Delaware continues to build around the company’s ongoing Initial Coin Offering (ICO) which started on August 12, 2017, where 25% of the total tokens (onG coins) is on sale for 30 days. The remaining 75% will be incrementally released as rewards on the network over the next twenty years.

In light of OneName Global’s decision to incorporate in Delaware, it will fall under the full regulatory scope of the U.S. with a tested platform already in place and assets already secured prior to the ICO. The onG Coin has fully adopted ERC20 standards allowing flexibility with the network algorithm distributing the token while avoiding a compromise of platform security.

onG fully champions the future of blockchain solutions in the democratization of media, decentralizing control directly to the content creators. The platform is designed to reward intellectual fairness while ensuring the integrity of the content that’s posted. With the blockchain revolution in full bloom, is poised to disrupt the prevailing media ecosystem in a big way.

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