Ontology has announced a partnership with Ubitus, the largest gaming-as-a-service provider in Northeast Asia. Ubitus currently makes use of virtualized GPU resources and cloud technology in order to stream game content. Now, the company is developing an AI system with the help of the Ontology blockchain.

Today’s announcement notes that the gaming industry has been making use of AI and machine learning for some time now. This is an innovation that improves the gaming experience by allowing players to compete against truly challenging non-player characters.

Additionally, the development of AI in the gaming industry creates new technology that can be applied beyond the industry itself: Ontology’s announcement cites medical technology and unmanned vehicles as two areas in which video game AI has been applied.

What Ontology Can Do

Despite those technological advances, Ontology notes that the gaming industry has become “overly centralized” in terms of “talent and equipment resources.” As such, the resources that are necessary for innovation are inaccessible to many developers.

With this in mind, Ontology will provide Ubitus with blockchain features such as data exchange and smart contracts. These features will enhance and decentralize Ubitus’ AI system and its components. Thanks to Ontology, developers who use Ubitus will have access to shared AI models and training databases.

Ontology and Ubitus will cooperate very closely. The two platforms will share information, cross-promote new products, and build a shared technology ecosystem. This will reduce development costs while spreading resources and opportunities throughout the gaming industry.

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Gaming and the Blockchain

Although Ubitus is not a household name, it is a significant player in the gaming industry. Ubitus has provided cloud streaming technology for high-profile games such as Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on Nintendo Switch. It has also garnered recognition from major tech news sources such as VentureBeat. The addition of blockchain-based AI to the company is an achievement in its own right.

However, this is also a step forward for blockchain gaming in general. Many blockchain games, such as cryptocollectible trading and gambling games, have a fairly niche appeal. Ubitus and Ontology’s project is one of many recent efforts to bring the blockchain to mainstream gaming: Ubisoft and Terra Virtua have also made efforts to adopt and promote blockchain technology within the gaming world.


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