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OroCoin is the latest altcoin to join the ranks of an ever-increasing list of cryptocurrencies.

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OroCoin is the latest altcoin to join the ranks of an ever-increasing list of cryptocurrencies. The word “Oro” means “Gold” in Spanish. The digital currency, OroCoin intends to make good of its name by becoming the “Gold Standard” of the cryptocurrency industry.

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The creators of OroCoin recently announced a successful launch of the cryptocurrency. Soon after the completion of its launch phase, OroCoin has started trading on and other major cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

The team behind OroCoin takes pride in creating a unique and creative concept which is designed to make it profitable for everyone who is part of the OroCoin community. Those who stand to benefit from the growth of OroCoin includes miners, traders, and even hoarders.

The cryptocurrency platform has picked up few key learnings from the Bitcoin network. In order to ensure seamless transactions on the OroCoin network, the platform supports fast confirmation times and quick adjusting difficulty features. These features drastically improve the execution times while providing profitable mining for everyone involved, irrespective of the number of active miners on the network at any point of time.

The cryptocurrency platform is based on the Scrypt Proof of Work consensus algorithm. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, the block rewards on the platform are pegged to the value of gold. OroCoin trading is presently supported by the likes of, Cryptopia, and NovaExchange.

In the platform’s recent press release, one of the lead developers at the OroCoin project, Horatio J said,

Oro’ is Spanish for gold. With this project, we wanted to set a new ‘gold standard’ in the cryptocurrency space, creating an asset that was fun and profitable for everyone.

As the core developers continue to work on improving OroCoin, the cryptocurrency has started work on building the community and networks. The community-building initiative includes various activities surrounding dissemination of information and building relationships with other crypto-businesses. The platform has set clear goals for itself, which is now available on OroCoin’s website as a development and promotion roadmap.

More information about the cryptocurrency is available on OroCoin’s website and BitcoinTalk thread.

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