Port Vila, Vanuatu-based licensed securities dealer Pacific OTC Inc. (POTC) announced in an email it sent to CoinReport adoption of a cryptocurrency-friendly policy. According to the policy, POTC welcomes listings from all digital currency and blockchain providers including exchanges, currencies, wallets, cloud mining pools and ventures, faucets, funds and gaming operations.

According to the POTC informational circular, the firm, whose platform is “dedicated to the needs of global small, medium (and nanocap) enterprises (SMEs),” allows companies to gain a listing or quotation without being overburdened with the red tape, audit requirements and legal costs often associated with admittance to a public market. Even startups that are in operation for less than two years can “obtain a public listing and quotation for their securities.”

Traders gain the facility to trade shares in SMEs directly as over-the-counter matched bargains, without the requirement for prices to be set by market makers. All registered brokers are provided with access to the order book depth for each of the markets the company operates.

POTC CEO Hugo Santos commented, “Bitcoin and Etherium market capitalization is now over $20 billion but is underserved by the securities industry. In addition, there are over 600 plus smaller cryptocurrencies, any of which can break out into 7 or 8 figure market capitalization.  POTC is ready, willing and able to serve these markets.”

POTC said in the email we received that in addition to welcoming digital currency ventures, it will accept bitcoin, ether and other digital currencies in payment for listings and on some trades. Guidelines will be published later, added POTC.

Along with new company listings, POTC is accepting applications from digital currency and stock corporate advisors and brokers interested in joining the POTC team.

Image via press release

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