20th December 2017 – A new product in the cryptocurrency world is ready to launch in the form of PagareX. This launch aims to provide both crypto-education and multiple investment opportunities in order to empower people financially. In doing so, the PagareX aims to cater to the cryptocurrency masses throughout the world and become the leading cryptocommunity by the year of 2020. So, how will it do this?

The PAGAREX has been designed in order to reduce – and potentially eliminate – the dependency on centralised banking and financial institutions, thereby granting financial freedom to crypto users. Furthermore, identity theft and other connected issues with fiat currencies will be all but eliminated due to the security level of this cryptocurrency. Users of PagareX will also find themselves being able to connect socially and financially to a vast community of investors and lenders. As the cryptocurrency price increases, anyone using PGX will be able to increase the value of their coins in the wallets.

The PagareX release will promote storing and investing consumer wealth, which will occur in a non-government controlled, safe and secure currency. Anyone possessing the PagareX within their wallet will receive interest on their balance. What else will holders be able to do with PagareX though?

Buying and Using PGX

Purchasing the PGX coins will allow you to start lending. Lending with PagareX will provide users with daily profit on top, which is dependent on the investment option taken. Users will then receive their capital back once the investment term ends. It’s then possible to withdraw this from the PagareX lending platform or reinvest it back in to continue receiving daily profit. This works by holders of PagareX lending out to software which has been designed to purchase Bitcoin when the price is low and sell it when the price is high. Any profit is then split between users and the software.

Mining will also be possible to users, with developers of this product designing its algorithm to resist the development of custom mining hardware. All transactions will be validated by a widely distributed network. This means that selling pressure will not be a factor when large mining pools end up flooding the market with fresh coins. The PGX coin will also be minable from any device, including computers, tablets and smartphones.

Because the PagareX network is run by holders of the PGX, the revenues that it generates are given out to stakers. This is solely to reward them for the protection and maintenance of the network. With this being the case, the more users owning PGX, the more mining power they have. As a result – bigger profits will be made.

An additional possibility for users of PagareX will include the refer and affiliate program. Through this, further PGX coins can be earned by referring people to our community. The PagareX platform will also offer a unique bonus scheme giving users the potential to earn more for every new user they refer.

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