The world’s first travel experience ecosystem powered by smart-contract technology.

“With a live beta in the iOS app store, and a growing community of over 25,000 people, Pally has already begun to change the way that 18-30 year olds are experiencing new cities.” Oliver Andersen, CEO of Pally.

LONDON: Pally, a fast-growing blockchain start-up, is officially announcing their crowdsale through an Initial Coin Offering. Their social travel ecosystem has acquired users across 5 continents in several major cities including London, New York, Seoul and Tokyo. Think of them as the decentralised Airbnb, whose ecosystem is made up of Pally Social – a mobile application that is currently available in beta from the Apple App Store, and Pally Adventures, a community marketplace where visitors can immerse themselves in new cities through experiences hosted by locals.

To facilitate peer-to-peer transactions in the Pally ecosystem, Pally is issuing PallyCoin (PAL), a community token, which will be built to run on the Ethereum blockchain, with ERC20 standard specifications, allowing the community to earn and exchange PallyCoins by connecting, chatting and meeting up with each other.

By 2020, there will be 370 million travelling Millennials worldwide, who, until the inception of Pally, had extremely limited access to city experience marketplaces with an offering of affordable, high quality activities curated by locals. Moreover, those aged between 15 and 29 will be taking 47% more international trips by 2020 than in 2013. This is where Pally comes in – with a platform that provides travellers with access to friendly local people, and curated city experiences. In facilitating better travel experiences, Pally also enables its community to generate an extra income from their passions.

About Pally

Pally is a decentralised community that enables its members to have authentic travel experiences. The Pally ecosystem is comprised of Pally Social, an iOS application available in beta on the Apple App Store which connects travellers with like-minded locals in new cities, and Pally Adventures, a community marketplace where visitors can immerse themselves in new cities through unique experiences curated by local hosts.

Pally’s beta app is available for download on the iOS app store. For further information on Pally’s ICO, please visit: You can keep up to date with other updates directly through Pally’s blog on and on their medium page –

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