There are two distinct sides of the coin when it comes to attitudes towards bitcoin. There are those that clearly detest it, most of whom do not understand the technology, and those that fully advocate a world with decentralized peer-to-peer money.


Peter Schiff is firmly in the former camp but has actually admitted to owning some BTC, in a recent tweet. Co-founder and partner at Morgan Creek Digital, Anthony Pompliano, made the revelation in a tweet yesterday.

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The vocal Bitcoin hater @PeterSchiff recently admitted that he actually does own some Bitcoin. Never listen to what they say, always watch what they do with their money!

Schiff responded trying to defend his position by stating he only holds $100 worth which was a gift. Pomp couldn’t resist and offered to send a further hundred in BTC, or around 900,000 sats, if Peter shared his bitcoin address, which he duly provided.

Schiff maybe outspoken when it comes to crypto assets, but he is still a pretty shrewd player. His own company, ShiffGold, accepts payments in BTC and BCH for gold and silver investments. Unlike other serial bitcoin detractors, such as the rabid ranting Nouriel Roubini, Peter Schiff appears to play his cards closer to his chest.


In a related story the gold mogul told RT that bitcoiners were spreading stories about a golden asteroid in an attempt to devalue the gold markets.

It is being floated by the bitcoin community to try to create the false narrative that gold supply is not scarce so the price of gold is going to crash and that people should own bitcoin instead of gold because bitcoin is more scarce, because you’ll never find any bitcoin on the asteroid.

The bottom line is both gold and bitcoin are safer stores of wealth than any fiat currency. This explains their stellar performance recently as more countries seek to manipulate their own currencies exacerbating global economic woes. Just yesterday US president Trump called for dollar devaluation in order to compete with his ‘competitors’ overseas.

RT’s Max Keiser has been pretty vocal lately, extolling the virtues of financial sovereignty.

You can be individually sovereign with 1M Sats (or less). Whereas someone with $1M (or $1 billion+) and no Sats, is technically still a fiat slave. Poverty is now, for the first time in history, optional. Get some Sats and experience freedom from fiat slavery… Now.

On the Peter Schiff bitcoin admission, a doctored tweet masking the BTC address was posted with the outspoken host adding:

So sure. So cocky. And so absolutely wrong about #Bitcoin.These people make me puke.

The bitcoin protagonists and hecklers continue to wage war as the asset keeps growing while the planet falls deeper into state orchestrated economic turmoil.

Is bitcoin better than gold as a store of value? Add your thoughts below.

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