Given the negative stance on ICOs around the world, this industry faces a lot of challenges. That doesn’t mean fewer companies will effectively issue tokens, though. In fact, Quoine is the first regulated exchange to host their own tokens ale. Interested parties can now partake in the QASH token sale, which will be pretty interesting. It is worth mentioning the company received a license from the JFSA to perform this action, though.

Running an initial coin offering has become highly controversial these days. A lot of countries oppose this business model for obvious reasons. There needs to be some form of regulation to make ICOs more appealing and safer. Quione, one of the many Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges, is officially licensed to run their ICO. During the QASH token sale, the company hopes to raise a lot of money. Do keep in mind this sale will not start until the 21st. There is no official word on an official pre-ICO taking place whatsoever.

Quoine Embarks on a new Mission

What is rather interesting is how this ICO is linked to the LIQUID platform. That is not a platform most people are accustomed to. Then again, there will always be new platforms designed for such specific purposes. Liquid is designed to bring together the global network of cryptocurrency exchanges to provide liquidity. An interesting concept, to say the least. Quione users can participate in the token sale through their QRYPTOS account. All investors will help shape the future of this upcoming liquidity platform.

A total of 500 million QASH will be sold during the event itself. Every token will be priced at a value of 0.001 Ether, which is relatively cheap, all things considered. If things go according to plan, QASH will become the preferred payment token for financial services all over the world. Whether or not this will come true, remains anybody’s guess for the time being, though. The goal is to bring this token to all major exchanges in the near future. Rest assured there will be plenty of speculation to influence the price accordingly.

The money raised during the QASH token sale will be used for different purposes. Not only will it enable more liquidity for LIQUID, but it will also enable product development and operations. Plus, there will be a strong focus on legal and regulatory requirements as well. Users will need to sign up for a QRYPTOS account before they can participate in the crowdsale itself. An interesting way to link existing services together, that much is certain.

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