Rasputin Online is an ICO-funded adult entertainment project that went live three months ago, but already feels like a fresh breeze in the stale presence of its competitors. Interesting fact: the statistics show that 90% of all ICOs is scam, and half of the remaining 1% fails shortly after launch. The good news is that Rasputin Online is one of the few that has remained to deliver maximum results on time.

The online project, Rasputin Party Mansion, is refreshing to the tired eye of models and live cam fans. It is a modern, stylish, designer villa that features every facility you can imagine and exquisite models who live in the mansion. The hook? 40 cams located all around Rasputin Party Mansion that stream live 24/7 from every angle. We love variety!

Excited? Of course you are! Visit

Originally an ICO, Rasputin Online created RasputinOnline Coin (ROC) that is available on Etherdelta and IDEX. The big news is that ROC is to be listed on and can be traded with Bitcoin, Ether, and Litecoin.

Never heard? BiteBTC is a Singapore based digital exchange that has a trade volume of over $6mln a day!

In the meantime, ROC investors are prospering as Rasputin Online started paying out dividends on August 9. Attention! ROC holders can claim their dividends at To do that, please send an email at [email protected] and don’t forget to include your wallet address or addresses where you hold ROC tokens.

Looking to meet the amazing team behind Rasputin Online? Mark your calendars! The guys are attending The European Summit Conference & Expo in Prague on September 14-17, 2018. Click for more details!

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