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You have probably heard of cryptos like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), or Ripple (XRP), which are all well-known, well-established, and successful digital currencies. But have you heard of Digibyte (DGB)? Most people would say no, which is this currency’s biggest problem. In every other aspect, it absolutely shines.

About Digibyte (DGB)

Digibyte is one of the newer cryptocurrencies, which is partially why people have not heard that much about it yet. Still, there are many other cryptos that are not that old, but still are well-known throughout the crypto market, like Cardano (ADA).

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The thing that separates DGB from other cryptos is its superior blockchain, which is an absolute masterpiece and is easily one of the best ones to date. It offers high scalability, excellent security, and it is also super fast. So, why is it that so little people know about it? The answer is simply – the lack of publicity.

This is its biggest problem and the sole reason why its price is only $0.034323. However, this is a problem that its team has recognized, and is working hard in order to solve. For example, the crypto was recently mentioned by NASDAQ, and it was said that it belongs to 20 blockchain projects that people can bet their house on. Soon after this comment was made, Digibyte’s value in the investors’ eyes rose sharply, and the crypto saw much more action.

Additionally, the team is also forming the Digibyte Awareness Team, which purpose will be to increase the awareness of this crypto. The result is obvious, and the DGB has started receiving a lot more attention from the media, as well as more users and investors. But, what is it that makes this project so special? Three things, in fact.

1. Digibyte’s blockchain is superior to others

As mentioned previously, Digibyte’s blockchain is extremely safe. This is due to the fact that it uses five, equally-weighted, mining algorithms, where each of them has its own, personal, difficulty adjustment. This is what the team behind it calls a MultiShield. Theoretically, this is more than enough to completely eliminate things like 51% attacks, or hostile hard forks that have been plaguing many other cryptos.

2. Digibyte is young but full of potential

Another reason why buying DGB right now is the fact that it is so young, and not yet known. A lot of people would rather consider buying Bitcoin or Ethereum, but these are the cryptos that have already achieved success. Digibyte’s time has yet to arrive, and getting it early on is probably the smartest move with this crypto. Once people start realizing what it has to offer, everyone will want to get some of it.

3. Invest while it is still cheap

Investing in any crypto is risky these days, but the investors know that it is always better to find an undiscovered coin with the future and buy as much of it as possible than to spend thousands of dollars on a single Bitcoin. DGB is still greatly undervalued, which provides you with a perfect opportunity, and you can buy hundreds of them without even feeling it.

After its price rises, as the experts are expecting to happen, everyone who got an early investment will be glad they did so before it was too late.

Digibyte’s blockchain, and other aspects like an easy-to-use wallet, are features that will definitely put it on the map, and soon. The crypto’s biggest problem is a low level of exposure, and its team is doing everything they can in order to fix that. Soon enough, this will be one of the most popular currencies around, and taking advantage of this knowledge now is what makes investing in it the smartest move of this year.

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