Respectonomy defines itself as a decentralized, self-moderated social network system that gives the user the freedom to share their thoughts without the fear of censorship while rewarding them for it.

Respectonomy is different from other social networks platforms as it doesn’t just provide the illusion of censorship but actually rules out any sort of moderation or censorship.

It is the economy of bloggers, book authors, journalists etc., of free speech activists and supporters, whistle-blowers, and miners. One can earn here by becoming Publisher, by sharing articles of an author, and making content available even in absence of the author.

Content creators can use the Respectonomy platform to publish and organize their content. The final content published by them with the price tag of their own choosing will be published after paying some fees. The consumers will be notified about the new published content based on their list of favourites.

Respectonomy is an open-source browser based implementation that utilizes the Bittorrent protocol for content sharing and a proof-of-work blockchain to determine the value of the RESPECT token that runs the system.

The RESPECT tokens are for the users to vote for the content that they deem to be of a superior quality. This ensures that the content is peer reviewed and not determined by the reputation of any user.

Peer reviewed selection ensures that the content is based solely on the value of the token which is determined and fairly distributed by a proof of work blockchain. Hence, ruling out any form of branding based on reputation and further discouraging ads, spam and trolls.

The content on Respectonomy can range from books, articles, blogs, finance, uncensored articles to breaking news etc. It basically depends upon the creators to gauge audience’s taste to come up with relevant content.

Respectonomy is free to use browser based platform and can be accessed by anyone to share or consume interesting content.

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